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Decorate yourself with jewelry made from recycled rubber



Putting the discarded leftovers by the modern society to good use is Rubberize me. Using old cycle and car rubber tubes to enhance the styling of clothes and crafting accessories is FIN dizajn. Thanks to the novel craftiness and positive attitude towards valuable natural resources, even simple used rubber has been made to appear eye appealing, chic and graceful by a little added effort.

The designers:

Rubberize me, is a project initiated by Sasa Fabjan, residing in Vienna, Austria while providing basic info to the whole project is FIN dizajn. Out with a unique concept to replace rubber with leather, all the products stand high on the fashion level.

The inspiration:

Recycling is a good thing to do. It not only saves resources but cuts down the piling mountains of garbage. Putting waste materials to good use is Designer Sasa Fabjan. Reclaiming car tubes, old cycles, tarnished pedals, fragile brakes and broken down seats, she managed to design trendy belts, dresses, brooches and rings out of them. Such a creative streak in her is a step forward towards conserving the environment while wearing exclusive stuff which makes one feel close to the nature.

The green factor:

The best way to save our environment is by crafting used products into something sensible. This not only prevents pollution but saves money as well. A ground-breaking collection by FIN dizajn, Rubberize me uses old bicycle and car tubes for all its products. Stuff which usually people discard without even thinking a second time if they can be converted into something useful, has been used. Objects like car tubes, rusty pedals, old bicycle and wear brakes have been molded with a creative bend, hence, making the creation have a green touch.

The fab factor:

Highlight of the collection being the usage of thrown away old tyre fitters which were got from bicycle sheds. FIN jewelry collection by Rubberize me proves that a great replacement for leather is rubber. An appealing substance, rubber can be easily graced with all kinds of semi-precious stones and crystals. Besides this, to give it an even richer look it can be clubbed with silver and gold as well. FIN jewelry gives rubber a mystic appearance that too by recycling. It is high on the usability level. This means that collections by rubberize me being colorfully stylish, modern and pleasing to the eye doesn’t make them appear odd or weird.

The ensemble:

Restoring depleted car tyres and bicycles is a small spot near Radgona(SLOVENIA), is Sasa Fabjan. She puts back together weak brakes, decrepit chairs and corroded pedals, and brings them to life again through her designs. If any tube is torn apart by nails or sliced by glass it is skillfully converted into trendy dresses, belts, necklaces, rings and brooches. In short nothing in terms of rubber is a waste for this enthusiastic designer, who feels even waste can taste good.