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Deltalok System is a green solution to soil erosion

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While maintaining the natural beauty of the grassy banks, the Deltalok System employs bag work construction-practices to provide a permanent solution for erosion control, slope repair, bank protection and earth retention applications. The patented system combines an innovative and patented interlocking method with a vegetation sustainable GTX soil bag.

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As the Deltalok interlocking plate connects sand/soil filled Deltalok GTX bags, the strength of the bag structure is dramatically increased. It’s perfectly possible to erect stable structures up to 20 feet tall over the firm base. The naturalized structures grow even stronger as plant and tree root systems develop over them with time.

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The system is ideal for walls, steepened slopes, and stream bank erosion-repair. No heavy equipments are needed for installation.

About the company:

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Deltalok USA, LLC, a joint venture between Mr. Hun S. Kim and prominent US investor Mr. Kim Alfreds, is the US distributor of the Deltalok System which is currently available in the United States, Korea, China, Singapore, UK and Canada. The Deltalok System, invented by Mr. Hun Kim in 1999, is comprised of an engineered geotextile bag and the patented Deltalok interlocking plate that, when assembled, can be vegetated and used in a number of applications.

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