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Designology’s off-grid home wins best energy efficiency at BDAV awards

convertible house

Designology recently bagged the best energy efficiency prize at Victoria State Building Designers Association (BDAV) Awards for its massive “Convertible House.” The Australian design company aimed to design an alternative, environmentally sustainable, durable, semi-prefabricated, low embodied energy, highly secure and fire-resistant family home, and the result was this off-grid house. The three-bedroom house features a curved, corrugated iron exterior that complements the upmarket Nissen hut-like look of the eco-home.

A little unattractive to look at though, but you would pardon that for its green credentials. It includes green features like a solar conservatory over the stairwell and entry area, recyclable building material, steel Colorbond roof and wall cladding and south-facing roof windows open that allows cross ventilation. The solar conservatory behaves like a heat bank during the day in winter by maximizing solar gain, while acts like a thermal chimney during summers by drawing in cooler air from vents on the lower level and expelling it through vents at both ends of the building.

The steel Colorbond roof and wall cladding are low maintenance, fire and storm resistant and low cost. It is this roof that makes rainwater harvesting possible for the house. This $500,000 green home houses a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms, while the ground floor has an office, guest bedroom, bathroom and rumpus room. Since it is erected on a hilltop, the eco-house offers a mesmerizing view too.

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