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Dick Shaefer transforms junk into meaningful pieces of art for his yard!

Old Cars Glorious Monsters

There is a hidden gold mine in the junk yard for retired automotive dismantler, Dick Schaefer. He has converted junk, wasted cars into beautiful creations, all of which dot the boundaries of his house. A resident of Northern Pennsylvania, he states that he had a strong fascination for creative junk art, though he does not remember when the hobby turned into a serious passion.

Growing up, he drew inspiration from his surroundings for his art, even from a honey bee buzzing around. He just did not let anything deter his passion. Whenever he was able to lay his hands on scrap objects, be it junk cars, scrap pieces of metal etc, he converted them into something meaningful, trendy, yet absolutely stunning pieces of decorative art.

This is what Schaefer says about his creation:

Sometimes it will just come to me out of the blue. [For instance], I was visiting relatives in Michigan one year and there was a dead bee. I put him on the dashboard of the car and kept studying him all the way from Michigan to Erie, trying to figure out what I could do. The end result is the giant bee you see standing in my yard today that I made out of a cement truck and a car.

Of course, the journey over the years for this artist and designer has not been easy, but then, his passion is what drove him towards it. Simply put, he has decorated his yard with such delectable pieces of scrap art, one would stand completely amazed. As of now, Schaefer plans to repaint all of his prized possessions. Once done, he shall cook up some other ideas for converting the scrap into something meaningful. I’m sure he would come up with something all the more meaningful and interesting, and work towards it with equal enthusiasm and zeal. Here’s wishing Dick Schaefer all the best.

Via: WeirdNews

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