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Dino-Era Lizard: Missing Link to Swimming Reptiles

dino era lizard

Yet another discovery after the Tyrannosaurus rex. The extinct swimming reptiles known as mosasaurs have also evolved. But, what is the missing link? It is a lizard whose fossilized bones were discovered near Dallas, Texas, 16 years ago! A new study reports this. The ancient lizard, named Dallasaurus turneri, measured three feet (about a meter) long and lived 92 million years ago in shallow seas that covered what is now Texas. As an early mosasaur, Dallasaurus is unusual, because it had tiny feet and hands suitable for walking on land. It is later; the mosasaurs developed fin-like limbs and came to dominate the seas at the time when dinosaurs ruled the land. It was while searching through dirt turned up by bulldozers at a construction site near Dallas, Van Turner, an amateur fossil hunter, found the Dallasaurus fossils in 1989. The rest is history.

Via: The National Geographic