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Ditch conventional, go prefab for your new home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Although prefabricated homes are nothing new, yet they have gained enough traction in the present time, which is dominated by rising cost of land, high cost of construction material and the environmental impact of building a conventional home. Gone are the days when prefabricated homes were nothing more four loosely connected walls that couldn’t stand even the slightest gust of wind. Modern prefabricated homes are built in specialized factories using state of the art technologies, making them resistant to everything from earthquakes to fire and even hurricane speed winds. Here are a few more reasons why you should ditch conventional homes and opt for a prefab instead if you’re planning to buy a new home.


affordable prefabricated home

One of the biggest reason behind the extraordinary success of prefabricated homes is their affordability. Since prefab homes are mass produced in factories, rather than on the construction site, they turn out to be highly affordable when compared with a conventional home of similar size. Moreover, prefabricated homes make use of modern materials instead of concrete, and these materials are not only light in weight and durable but affordable too.

Environmentally friendly:

prefabricated home_1

The reason why we’re covering this topic here is because prefabricated homes are built and designed to be environmentally friendly. As mentioned previously, these homes are made in factories and hence there is no wastage of construction material on the site and any and all wastage at the factory is reused and recycled to reduce the overall impact of the prefabricated home. Additionally, modern prefabricated homes are made with highly materials that are bad conductors of heat and hence living in a prefabricated home means spending less energy in heating.

Faster construction:


Even if you opt for a custom made prefabricated home, the overall time the manufacturer will need to deliver the home at the site will be far less than constructing a similar home with conventional techniques on the site.

Highly durable:

hurricane speed winds

As surprising as it might sound, the fact remains that modular prefabricated homes are highly durable. Manufacturers today make use of modern materials to construct modular homes, making them fireproof, resistant to earthquakes and resistant to even hurricane speed winds. The durability aspect of prefabricated homes can be adjudged by the fact that modular homes have survived category 5 hurricane Andrew with minimal structural damage.

Easy remodeling:


One thing that most people don’t know about modular homes is that it is extremely easy to remodel a modular home since the framework of the house is essentially the thing that is keeping everything intact. Hence, you can easily hire an experienced individual to remodel the interior space according to your requirements.

Healthier construction:

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Since the raw materials that are used to build modular homes are kept indoors in controlled environments, there is no chance of the build-up of mold and mildew, which can cause significant respiratory problems. Such an occurrence is highly common with traditional construction techniques, where everything is out in the open during and after the construction phase.

Highly customizable:


Prefabricated homes are designed on computers with special computer designing programs that allow manufacturers to carefully assess the placement of each component of the home. This not only means that the designer has all the tools required to minimize wastage of space, but also gives you, the owner, an option to customize everything according to your own preferences and that too without incurring any additional expenses in the process.

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