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Five DIY projects for a greener lifestyle

Become a Gardener

The ‘green’ is what the latest in the market and there is nothing better than this green technology. The green has not only become popular but also is widely adopted for its unique nature and useful effects. The green technology has now moved into the lifestyle of every person out there and has completely transformed the life of every common man in some or other way. The DIY projects are pretty famous among people as they are easy to make and are also green in nature that means in some or other way they are energy efficient and are also eco-friendly. There are plenty such DIY projects that can be used for a greener life but a few out of them are really worth of going for. Here is a list of five DIY projects for a greener lifestyle which are creating a buzz around. Have a look!

1. Lessen water waste

With the increase in the population of the world, it has seen a rapid scarcity in the water which has resulted in less water consumption in every house. The main reason is due to the excessive use of water and plenty wastage of water. We usually don’t bother about the quantity of water wasted when we bath or while cooking and other water purpose operations. This results in high consumption and ultimately leads to the scarcity of water in the area. There are a few simple tricks and alternatives that can be followed to reduce the water wastage remarkably. One of them is to go for a shower instead of tub bath as it can save plenty of water every time you bath. Second option will be to reduce the usage of water while cooking and brushing. Use limited quantity of water in each of those operations to reduce the water consumption effectively.

2. Replace incandescent bulbs

The traditional incandescent bulbs are considered to be one of the major sources of power consumption and thus are highly avoided when it comes to light up the house. These bulbs are not only high consuming but also provide less quantity of light. So the best option to go for is the new age fluorescent bulbs which are not only available in cool designs but are also energy-efficient. These bulbs are widely available in cool and attractive colors and designs that not only save the power consumption but also add to the beauty of the house. These bulbs are believed to consume whopping 75 percent less energy when compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

3. Install eco-friendly faucets and showerheads

The faucets are considered to be one of the major components of a house in terms of the water supply and the type of faucet is what is mostly preferred. The faucets are mostly eco-unfriendly as they are made out of a few toxic chemicals and also some of them are just made into some shape that tends to increase the water wastage of a house. So, the only alternative is to go for the eco-friendly faucets which are not only effective but will also save plenty of bucks. These faucets also look cool and are available in various designs. Similar to the faucets, the showerheads are another water wastage device and thus should be replaced by eco-friendly showerheads.

4. Become a gardener

Go for the gardening habit as it will improve the healthy environment surrounding your house. The houses these days are not provided with the basic gardening space and are thus considered to be highly polluted in terms of the carbon footprints emitted into the environment. The garden in a house can improve the overall climate and the surrounding of the house and will result in remarkable decrease in the carbon footprints. These gardens are not only used for getting rid of carbon footprints but can also be used to make the surrounding green and healthy. These gardens will ultimately add to the beauty of your house and you will be able to live healthy for a longer duration.

5. Solar power

The solar energy is something that will transform your house into a completely eco-friendly place. The solar energy can be easily used using the solar panels available readily in the market. Moreover, you can easily make one solar panel at home and you can easily enjoy heating up the water and other solar energy related operations quite easily. These solar panels can be placed in the form of arrays to make use of the most out of solar energy. The energy when concentrated on these panels gets converted into electrical energy which can be utilized for plenty of household purposes.