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DNA-based Dattoo skinprint turns your body into an interface

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Wearing a tattoo has become a great style statement, but showing off a design that holds no significance makes no sense. But, the DNA Tattoo, or Dattoo, is not a mere style maker, it is a self-expression through connectivity technology. Conceived for the 2005 Forrester Consumer Forum, the Dattoo is a smart skin that can be worn and will give a state of constant, seamless connectivity and computability. Using an online design portal, users would select and try out a customized electronic processing device that they would then print onto their own skin.

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Designed by Frog Design, the Dattoos will link users in different geographical regions by common interests, and could help them communicate with one another. It could include printable input/output tools such as a camera, microphone, or laser-loudspeaker. It will be temporary and minimally-invasive and could even be applied to clothing or other objects, instead of the skin. When the user no longer requires it, it can be easily washed off, giving the user the freedom to wear a new one the next time. The body becomes the interface, and supplies the energy to power this ingenious DNA signature.

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Since the Dattoo replaces three-dimensional tools such as smart phones or laptops, the environment would not have to bear the consequences their production, transportation and disposal. Apart from DNA-reading/identification, cameras, mikes and speakers, the Dattoo also includes nanosensors and interactive Braille-like “touch reading,” pattern and image recognition, self-learning and educational applications, living materials that change shape and feel, flexible OLED displays, bionic nano chips and cyborg components. Isn’t it great to control your electronic devices via a display projected onto your arm?

Via: Gizmag