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Do You Really Need Smart Door Locks?

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Smart Door Locks

To most people, smart door locks provide additional security as well as ease of access. Nevertheless, you need to consider a few factors before getting one.

When you want to secure your home, having a traditional door lock gets the job done. But with the advancement of technology, smart door locks are here to add several features like convenience, security and improved utility. Generally, tons of benefits come with home automation but you need to understand how these locks work.

On the market, there are many options available and they come with different features. Before making a decision, ensure your lock of choice delivers all its promised features diligently.

Smart door locks give you a new way of interacting with your doors

Smart Door LocksOnce you have purchased the smart lock and had it installed, you only need to connect it to your phone to start enjoying a keyless entry. Depending on the specific features of your smart lock, you can simply open the door by talking to the door, waving your phone, tapping an app or just approaching the locked door. If you have an advanced smart lock, you can program it to always lock the door after several seconds of shutting the door.

At the same time, most apps will help you send keys to people whom you want to give access to the house in your absence. This also means you can track who has had access to your house in a given period of time. If there is a video doorbell on your front door, you can remotely open the door for a visitor seeking access to your residence.

Basically, smart door locks are easy to install and you need about one hour to finish the process. These are also powered by a battery and they remain powered for about a year. You don’t have to worry about dead batteries since you’ll get a notification when they need to be replaced. In fact, in some models having jacks you can use an external power source in case your internal battery runs out.

What are the differences in these smart locks?

The smart lock innovation is relatively new and most of the manufacturers are still developing the locks to accommodate the features most appealing to the market. The truth is that the different models have crosscutting features and functionalities; the difference comes only in the mode of operation and design.

Some models can be mistaken for a traditional lock but despite the fact that you can open with an ordinary key, touching the lock will open it as long as you have your smartphone with you. To give you more options, manufacturers are adding touchpads and numerical keypads. These would ensure that people who are wary of smart locks get additional entry options.

Whether you want a Wi-Fi enabled lock that can be operated from great distances or the Bluetooth controlled options that require the phone to be nearby, you really need to understand the workings of your most preferred option.  To some people, the PIN-enabled locks are more attractive since you only need to punch in the digits and you are in.

Are the locks worth your attention?

Smart Door LocksDespite the notion that the locks were very secure, there have been some issues about mishaps involving unauthorized access. Nevertheless, there are many benefits of using the reputable smart locks.

With a smart lock, you can easily lock your home from long distances if you forgot it while leaving the premises. In addition, you can send guests virtual keys to access the house even in your absence. When considering the perks of home automation, these locks can be connected to smart appliances in the house and you can control how they behave at specific times and in response to locked and open modes.  At the end of the day, you can conserve energy and keep your home secure at the same time.

Besides, who wants to spend several minutes looking for the keys when all you could have done is tap the lock to gain access to the house? In a nutshell, you need to make sure that you are getting your smart lock from a genuine manufacturer.

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