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Dochodo Zoo Island: An unusual design with green credentials

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A magnificent zoo island with an unconventional design will be soon seen on the South Korean island of Dochodo. JDS Architects has come up with a groundbreaking design of a zoo that will offer an exceptional visitor experience by providing tourists with an all-natural environment. The idea behind this innovative plan was to create a self-sustaining network of buildings, which would each provide the energy they require.

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The island will behave as a region based on sustainable development only, where natures and structures function in equilibrium, symbiotically feeding one another. Blending the immense beauty of natural peaks and valleys with the zoo’s ingenious design, JDS will house a number of animals in the flat valley, while the high mountainous areas will be reserved for nature reserves.

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As far as the transportation, energy sources and buildings are concerned, they would be placed 20 meters off the ground, in a “green belt” which would be topped by solar panels, and would support a tram system for ogling the wildlife. The Dochodo zoo will also incorporate features like zero-carbon transport systems, renewable energy sources, rainwater collection sites and waste conversion methods into fertilizer or biofuel. All of these will contribute toward reducing the environmental impact.

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Via: Inhabitat

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