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How to make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

Believe it or not, having a pet too account for a huge amount of carbon emissions. However, just as there are ways in which having pets creates a burden on the environment, in the same way, there are ways through which you can reduce that burden. First of all, you should go for only environment-friendly pet products. In fact, even there are eco-friendly versions of pet toys. Moreover, if you keep your pet in a pethouse, then there are also ways of making an eco-friendly pethouse. For example, here’s how you can make a doghouse from recycled cardboard.

How to make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

Making home for your pet is always a fun task and if it is a dog, you will love to make his house made of woods. If you are looking out to make a house at a lower cost, then here is a solution for you. You can make a dog house out of cardboard boxes. This would be great for the ones who have small breeds of dogs as they can easily get in such small houses. It’s true that you can actually made beautiful remarkable structures from cardboard using your creativity.

A cardboard doghouse is a wonderful project to involve your child in. this is an easy work and you can ask your kid to join in and so the pasting and decorating thing for you. All you will need is a cardboard box that has top and bottom flaps. Cardboard boxes are not a difficult thing to find you can ask your friends and neighbors or a local electronic appliance shop will always be of help to you. The greatest part about a cardboard house is that you can always rebuild a new one easily if the existing ones seem to fall apart.

Difficulty Level:

Moderate. It requires basic knowledge.

Time required:

1 whole day or 24 hours

Resources required

make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

1. Two Cardboard boxes

2. Staple gun

3. Glue

4. Paint

5. Foam Sheets

6. Flower punch

Estimate Cost

Depends on the availability of things


make a doghouse from recycled cardboard

1. The very first thing you will need to do is find a box that is big enough to make a dog house that offers enough space for your dog to fit in easily. It should be spacious as your pet must not feel cramped inside. If yours is a small dog then you won’t find it difficult to look out for boxes. Electronic stores might help you by offering some huge boxes.

2. Cardboard is quite delicate so it’s recommended that you double the boxes and staple it to make the house more stronger and a steady structure.

3. Cut out all the flaps while the box is in upright position.

4. Now make the doors and windows as you desire using a pencil and then cut it out. Ensure that the door opening is big enough for your dog to enter easily.

5. Now make a roof by taking a larger piece of cardboard. Fold it into half and paste in on the top of the box using glue. Now that you have paste the roof you will see an empty triangle in between. Take the cut out flap pieces and make triangular pieces out of then that match with the space in the front part of roof and paste it with tape. This will make the roof enclosed.

6. Trim out all the uneven edges and the frame of your dog house is ready. Now paint it with the color you like. Decorate it making roof like designs from the foam sheets and pasting it’s carefully over the roof.

7. You can also further beautify the house by adding flowers and drawing grass. You can also write the name of your dog beautifully over the entrance.

8. To make your pet feel comfortable inside put a blanket on its floor.

Frequently asked questions

Q. My Pet is a Labrador pup. Will a cardboard house work for him?

A. If yours is a pup then you can make a beautiful and creative house for him. But Labradors grow into big dogs so he might find it difficult later on. But still you can make one for him till he is small enough to enter and lay inside the cardboard house without any difficulty.

Quick tips

Allow the glued part to dry properly so that the house doesn’t come out easily.

While attaching the roofs use paper pieces and glue them. This will make sure that the joints are glued strongly.

Things to watch out for

Take care that while cutting cardboard you are not putting in much pressure over it. Cardboard being light material extra pressure might distort the shape easily.

Some more eco-friendly pethouse ideas

1. Eco-friendly dog house

Michelle Pollak and Alan Mowrer Doghouse

Image Source : beyondthecrate.com

The combined team of talented interior designers from South Carolina, Michelle Pollak and Colorado builder Alan Mowrer, work together for La Petite Maison to build exquisite eco- friendly dog houses. Alan Mowrer, who is the chief builder for La Petite Maison dog and play houses, uses recycled floor tiles, sustainable woods, and left over and discarded wooden planks. Your dog would definitely love to live inside this eco-friendly dog house.

2. Eco-friendly Metroshed

The MetroShed makes for a cool eco-friendly house for your pet, as it enjoys a prefab multipurpose structure and adds extra space in no time. Your pet will truly enjoy his stay inside the eco-friendly Metroshed, which comes with cedar wood beam post frame, insulated wall panels, aluminum sliding doors and ventilation shutters with bug screens. Electric outlets are there for those who want to give extra comfort to their pampered pets. The Metroshed is available in custom designs to suit the liking of pet owners.

3. Fuora Flat Pack Modern Doghouse

Fuora Flat Pack Modern DoghouseThis stylish DogHouse is designed by Italian outdoor company Fuora. This kennel requires no maintenance and is made with a multi layered birch wood that came from a sustainable source. This sustainable wood can resist all sorts of weather conditions because it is treated with a special thermoplastic overlay. Furthermore, the eco- friendly, transparent varnish coating makes the kennel green providing your dog with a healthy atmosphere. It comes in a flat packing and requires no adhesive or screws to assemble and is very easy to clean.

4. Greenrrroof Animal Home

Landscape designer Stephanie Rubin, teamed with painter/sculptor Chris Isner and built sustainable and eco-friendly pet homes for providing clean and fresh surroundings. She makes these Greenrrroof Animal Houses using sustainably harvested, untreated red cedar planks and paints them with low or no VOC paints. On the roofs local plants can be grown without taking extra care of the little garden as the roof itself consist of vegetation, growing medium, a filter membrane, drainage pipe and waterproofing material to keep the inside dry. These pet homes are not so cheap, but after all it is an amazing living area for your pet, which is worth the cost.

5. DogEden

DogEdenImage Source : media.boingboing.net

This dog house is installed underground and takes up the energy of the earth to heat or cool a special space for your dog. Designed by Miler pet products, the DogEden doghouse is made using 20% recycled materials. It is UV resistant, leak proof, chew-proof and only requires you to dig a hole in earth to be kept inside. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty with a cost of $400. The temperature in the dog house will be maintained keeping your dog cool in summers and warm in winters.

6. Indoor Green-Roofed

French indoor and outdoor furniture designer firm, Jardin Chic, has come up with modern and uniquely styled pet houses. These pet dwellings that come with catchy curves and non symmetric shapes also serve as planters. Their green roofs provide ample space for growing plants while housing your pet dog, cat or bird.

7. Eco-friendly dog house

Summa Cannon dog house

Image Source : frameworkhomeownership.org

The federalist style Summa Cannon dog house is designed by Sustainable Pet Design for President Obama’s first dog to be. Historic wood, eco-friendly paint, bio-fuel, and green roof plants are used to create this eco-friendly dog house. Furthermore, this green dog house will provide good health and a better living environment for Obama’s pet in the White House.

8. Eco-friendly house for birds

Brenda Osorio has created this small sustainable house known as Corchito, for birds to live in comfortably. This natural bird house is made from 7 cork pieces and can be assembled in form of 3D jigsaw puzzle.

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