DROP – redefining mobile eco-luxury for a hotel stay

The Drop is a series of portable eco-friendly hotel rooms that can be transferred to different locations on demand so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views around while staying in an eco-friendly suite. These portable hotel suites have innovative design and micro-architecture and organic shapes are what this project has taken inspiration from.

The DROP eco-lodge

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Helping travelers gain some distinctive journey experiences while enjoying hotel like comfort in the wilderness or in the hills, the DROP is a detachable modular lodge room. Its lightweight enables to put these luxury suites in a number of places like jungles, mountains, seashores, plateaus, and forests. The DROP is one superb option for people who like to spend some days close to nature but fear experiencing the ill effects of such close nature encounters, such as animal attacks and all. These portable hotel suites allow you to enjoy your time close to nature without worrying about any bad experiences.


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The idea behind taking inspiration from the organic shapes found in nature while constructing DROP was to make the construction able to withstand and a number of terrains without facing any difficulty, as this detachable design is meant to be transported to a number of locations as per the demand of the travelers. Prefabricated wood and steel elements have been used to craft this eco- luxury in order to enhance its portability and to ensure that it leaves little impact on the environment.

The base of the structure has adjustable steel legs that you can adjust to give it a base that can withstand the demands of a particular terrain, so that it could stand firm even in the most irregular of landscapes. Coming to its windows, they are sphere shaped transparent windows you can open to enjoy outdoors while being inside and to allow natural ventilation. Windows come handy when you do not feel like steeping out of this eco-luxury home yet you want to feel close to the nature.

This mobile suite measures approximately 269 square feet that houses a lounge area that doubles itself into a bedroom at night. There is also a bathroom, a toilet, and the wood terrace that completes the need of the outdoor seating. The wooden terrace comes with a thin photovoltaic solar film that helps making the modular suite self-sufficient via power generation and rainwater collection systems on the roof.

The sunrays make up for the electricity requirement, and the rainwater is used for the bath and toilet. This added feature helps reducing the environmental impact of these eco-luxury suites making them ideal for eco-friendly trips. Though it has a compact design but the pod comfortably house two adults.

The Aim

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DROP- a series of eco-friendly rooms aim to satisfy the yearning of a modern nomad to be in the natural settings and enjoy the beauty around without facing the discomforts. These rooms are not only sustainable but also very comfortable, making your stay close to nature all the more exciting and fun-filled.

To go by the aim of the creators, they have designed this fabulous product to meet the ever-growing demand of eco-tourism across the globe. Nowadays, people demand sustainable living on sites, which is also very convenient and exciting in its design. Keeping all these requirements in mind the designers have come up with DROP that suits perfectly to all these eco-tourism demands.

The DROP is a, eco hotel idea that is brilliant and is redefining eco-luxury. They offer a sustainable stay, have a cute and a warm interior décor, and are quite adjustable so that you can place them properly even on the most irregular landscapes.

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