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Dubai to get solar-powered public toilets

Public Toilets

In Dubai, toilets including lights, exhaust fans and water pumps continue to run on electricity rather than any other source of power. Such toilets require a large amount of electricity to run and almost 80% of the toilets are of such category. Keeping in mind the huge needs of electricity, the director of the general maintenance department, Mr Juma Khalifa Al Fuqae suggested that the source of power for these toilets should be shifted to solar power in contrast to electricity. He said first of all this idea should be experimented on a pilot project and if successful, solar energy will be used to power all toilets of the emirates.

The solar powered toilets will amount up to 60000 Dh to 80000 Dh each if in case they got approved by authorities.i.e the general maintenance department. If the source of solar power proves successful in case of toilets, then it could be used in other areas too. This would be a great step to save electricity of the buildings and other facilities. The idea to use solar power was generated by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

There are many places in Dubai, which consumes a huge amount of electricity, like Al Mamzar park swimming pool where 500,000 Dh of electricity is consumed annually. Therefore, the authorities decided to implement the solar power as a source of energy for heating up these swimming pools and abattoirs after experimenting on the toilets. The abattoirs are basically used for slaughtering the cattle’s and of course the amount of electricity required here is also very huge. As a part of the experiment, the Clock Tower roundabout in Deira was the first one to be experimented upon. Thus, the expectations from this project are quite big and it is hoped that it will return the whole of the amount invested initially within a span of two years.

Via: TheNational/Constructionweekonline

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