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Duo pedaling on bamboo bikes for fresh water!

Cycle for Water

One of the most prominent environmental concerns of modern day is “water”. Both in terms of availability and cleanliness, access to safe drinking water is becoming a thing of past. And voices are fiercely gathering momentum to spread awareness about the need not only to conserve water, but also provide safe and clean drinking water. But how amazing it is to cycle on bamboo bikes to create awareness related to water! Well, project ” Cycle for water ” is all about this. Joost Notenboom and Michiel Roodenburg, are cycling over two continents to spread awareness about anything and everything related to conservation of water. Incredible!

Started on July 4, 2010 from northern Alaska, Nootenboom and Roodenburg are essentially trying to address the global issue of water crisis by cycling 30.000 km to the southern tip of Argentina. But what makes this journey unique in more ways than one is the use of bamboo bicycles all through their journey. This incredible 18 month eco friendly journey which is in the name of clean water is first of its kind because of its highly adventurous approach.

Through this wonderful journey, “Cycle for water” has succeeded in addressing issues related to water. People were made aware about the different localized small scale water projects. Especially methods of rain catchment and ways to collect water has immense helped women and children, making a significant change in their lives. In an interview to CNN, the duo explained all about their unique choice of transportation, the water projects, and why this ride is important in bringing awareness to the issues of clean water access.

For the duo pedaling all along the two continents, the ride has been challenging as well as gratifying. Meeting people from all walks and different cultures, have enriched this project many folds. The usage of bamboo bikes have added meaning to their mission of having a pollution free ride. And needless to say that through this they have proved the fact that any challenges can be overcome with perseverance and sustainable solutions. The need to access clean water has definitely got a new meaning with this “cycle for water” initiative. Wish Notenboom and Roodenburg all the success.

Via: TreeHugger