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EADS to unveil the world’s first algae-powered airplane

algae powered airplane

Even the Wright brothers, the inventors of the airplane wouldn’t have imagined that the future of planes could lie in algae. But, EADS has achieved the unimaginable. The European aerospace firm has successfully built the world’s first airplane that runs only on algae fuel. The plane will be unveiled at the ILA Berlin Air Show next week. Dubbed the “Diamond DA 42”, this airplane requires 1.5 liters lesser fuel per hour than conventional systems.

The reason behind the reduced fuel consumption is the high energy content of the algae. Algae have joined the tribe that naturally contributes towards reducing global warming. The qualities that make them stand out are that they are biodegradable, can grow using waste water and sea water and are capable of being produced on land not suitable for agriculture.

EADS has also taken up other green projects like an electric or “hybrid” helicopter. The company aspires to bring down their carbon dioxide and noise emissions to half of what they have at present by 2050.

Via: TheLocal