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Seven easy garden hacks for greener gardens

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The gardens are all around us and there are some people out there who really love doing the gardening stuff. The gardening has come out to be a passion for some of the people out there and there is nothing that can change this green fever. It has completely changed the green nature around the place and has made it more suitable for living. The gardening is good for both the house and environment and also is quite useful as it offers healthy ambiance. People these days’ have started ignoring the gardening stuff as they believe it is just a mere waste of time or they don’t really find time for it. But practically this gardening is completely changed from what it as earlier and these days cool and exotic garden hacks are available in market which are completely changing the meaning of little space gardening.

These hacks are pretty famous among people for it green features and is a rage all over the world. So here we are with a list of seven easy garden hacks for greener gardens. Have a look!

1. Vertical Garden with Reclaimed Gutters

This garden hack is one of the most popular garden hacks and is known for its ultra-green features and the exotic ambiance it offers. This garden is made into stages with each stage provided with a separate supply and a common gutter to pass the unwanted stuff out of this garden. This way of vertical gardening is quite safe and it can also protect the plants from insects and also from direct sunlight.

2. Used Tired Raised Garden & Tree Ring

The tires are one of the major products these days’ which can be easily collected from any street corner. These tires can be effectively used to make a cool garden out of it. This is a perfect example of a tire garden which is made completely using the tires. These tires can be placed horizontally and plants can be planted in it with a small facility of passage of water out of it for ventilation purpose.

3. The Earth Box

The Earth box is a rage all over for its unique and easy to handle options. This mini garden comes handy and is so effective that you can actually grow plenty of plants using them. And the best part is that they are compact and are completely Eco-friendly. The Earth box can be provided with soil and plants can be easily planted into it with a small hole for the passage of garbage out of it.

4. Self-Watering Garden

Now this is the garden for all the people out there who don’t really find time to keep up their garden. This self-watering garden comes along with a perfect case and is provided with an automatic watering system that allows the right amount of water to be fed to the plants at regular intervals of time. This concept is highly appreciated in terms of functioning and usage.

5. Upside Down Herb Planters

The Upside down is the latest trend out there in the field of gardening and is considered to be one of the best ways of growing plants effectively. The plants are planted in a planter like stuff which is pretty durable and easy to use. Then this planter is kept upside down so that the easy flow nutrient is made to the different parts of the plant. This procedure has resulted in an ultimate healthy plant and thus is pretty famous among people out there. You can actually make this cool planter out of plastic bottles and all you have to do is cut the bottle and place the plant and hang it upside down and you are done.

6. Mini-Greenhouse

Make your garden a green house place by using a cool open planter made out of a wooden box. This planter is made out of wooden box and consists of a glass cover over it. The cover can be used if it is very chill outside so that it blocks the chill air out and offers the plants bit warm atmosphere. It is quite easy to make also and you can easily make one by yourself just by arranging the box and the cover perfectly.

7. Protect Your Garden with Beer

The Beer has many uses and this particular use of the beer is just awesome. Beer can work as a plant savor by protecting them against the insects and worms. If you have a garden, then it’s quite normal that it will be flooded with insects and worms. Here is a cool way of getting rid of them. All you need is a bottle with a bit of juice of barley and place it in the garden with the mouth of the bottle at the ground level. The insects and worms will surely get in for a drink and this will surely be their last drink as there is no way out of it.