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Eat Work Grow: A tiffin box that combines social dining and organic eating

Eat Work Grow

In today’s fast world, one has no time to even sit back to relax and have a piece of meal. The hurry brunch in-between work hours is getting the heat among many office goers. Traditional lunch boxes are getting obsolete and prefer to sleep at home. Even if some do bring home food, the plastic Tiffin box is known to be the most used nowadays. How long your food can have its freshness inside or whether it will be in condition to eat when you actually open the lid remains a question. Eating fresh, healthy, organic food and in a group is certainly becoming a remembrance of yesterday.

To have a simple solution, here comes a wooden cylindrical double Decker Tiffin box “Eat Work Grow” designed by UK based Industrial and interior designer Ruth Vatcher. It has been designed based on a concept of healthy social dining. This compact box can carry food and is believed to keep it fresh much longer than the normal used Tiffin boxes. Also the look is kept simple yet its fine texture brings in great attention and a feel to peep inside the box. Interesting Tiffin Boxes like these will sure to interest our hunger and make us bring home food.

Eat Work Grow Tiffin boxes can take a place of the traditional brown bag lunches. We can plan a social dining together inside our office and bring home food to share, eat and have fun. This not only would help you get some healthy meal but also ensure healthier relationships.

Via: Ruth Vatcher