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Eco Art: Awesome chainsaw wooden sculptures detailed to perfection

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The art of sculpting wood is one that requires skill, patience and a lot of creativity. One person who has it all is wildlife sculpture artist Mr. Randy Boni. He transforms dying or damaged trees in breath-taking sculptress. The one friend who helps him to make these picture perfect wooden sculptures is his chainsaw. Whether it’s the black bears, the beautiful deer, palliated wood peckers or the eagle, all of them are detailed to perfection.

The artist

The ingenious artist behind these outstanding sculptures is Mr. Randy Boni, who is known to transform dying or damaged trees into high profile landmarks since 1989. This wildlife sculpture artist is commissioned by commercial, public, and private property owners around the country to create stunning work from wood. He suffered with cataract for 30 years of his life, but never let it come in the way of his creativity. As a child he enjoyed drawing, spinning clay, carving soap, and using his hands to create dimensional form. Now, it wood that he works with to create artistic and aesthetically appealing sculptures.

The inspiration

Randy Boni derives inspiration for his mesmerizing artworks from animals like deer, bear, red tailed hawks, palliated wood peckers, and elk that he grew up seeing in the Allegheny National Forest, which was very close to his house.

The material

After looking at these spectacular pieces of art, I have realized that trees are not mere life giving things, but also have a creative essence to them. Dying and damaged trees are the material giving life to these amazing animals.

The artwork

These Masterpieces created by famous wildlife sculpture artist Randall Boni are a beautiful way of honoring and preserving some remembrance of our very own life giving trees. Each of these incredible sculptures pop out of dying or damaged trees. Using primarily a chainsaw, Boni gives new, beautiful and more meaningful life to dying trees. In his work you’ll see everything from beers to eagles to wood peckers to deer.

Glowing aspects

These wooden sculptures have given new life to dying or damaged trees.
Using dying or damaged trees prevents the harm that would otherwise be cause to the healthy ones.
These sculptures are a reflection to green art.
They encourage people to save wildlife.
These aesthetically appealing sculptures are just perfect to adorn your living space.

Via: DesignSwan