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Eco Art: Gabriel Dishaw’s junk art is for us all to savor

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With increasing technology comes a drawback. The downside being, electronic waste, which is being shown the junkyard without much thinking. 100,000 pounds of electronic waste is alone thrown away in the United States. But Gabriel Dishaw saw how much potential this waste had and he swapped ram chips, typewriter keys, heat sinks and other parts of electronic products into Art sneaker sculptures. Gabriel has made as much as 19 Junk Art sneaker sculptures till date. What started as an experiment has till date managed to hook the artist with his signature sculptural form passion.

The artist

Born in Michigan, Gabriel Dishaw is presently residing in Indianapolis Indiana and is helping protect the environment by using junk and swapping it into Art Sneaker sculptures.

The inspiration

Gabriel has fetched a lot of ideas from his surroundings. They necessarily don’t have be high end things but even some piece of a computer or something like junk, can come with a strong reflection of art.

The material

Well narrowing down on materials doesn’t come with a hitch in his case. Till the time it stirs his mind and imagination, it works for Gabriel. The bits and pieces may range from disposed off typewriters, PC’s to glass, wood and plastic. Well this creator has not even left an airplane! Scrap out of an airplane will be unified with some of his art forms in the near future.

The artwork

Air Force 1 (qwerty)
Honoring the humble keyboard is this creation crafted out of 2 Apple keyboards, heat syncs, typewriter keys, computer chips, circuit boards, circuit boards and wire.

Key Features
Weighing 8 pounds is this hi-tech shoe. The surface of the shoes is highly supple which does not restrict movement. To help you feet breathe it comes with a ventilated toe box with a heat sync metal that fritters away heat speedily. This men’s size 9 shoe is quite sturdy, thanks to its plaited steel lacing. It has a USB adapter which transfers data at a quick pace.

Shox R4 (Gone Gold)

The Shox R4 has a very charming facade. This white and copper colored pair with a sole carved meticulously, is the closest to Gabriel’s heart as the first time he spent more than 100 dollars for a pair of shoes were these shox. To make the whole sculpture look a little old he cleverly swathed it with varnish and must say has done a commendable job.

Key Features

The Shox R4 like the previous design has air vents and steel braided laces. The whole design has been made resilient by using hard drive toe rubber. The clover design gives this 8 pound piece added elasticity. You can easily modify air flow because it comes with ventilation plugs that are detachable. To assess time of day this 9.5 men’s size shoe comes fitted with an optical lens and for high-speed transfer of data, Shox R4 come embedded with date connection pillars.

Air Max 2011 Up-cycled

Air max 2011 U-cycled, is truly one of Gabriel’s best creations. He has put his heart and soul in this project which is his first commissioned bit for Nike. The shoe is a total sinner with its distinctive mid-sole and facade. The tag Up-cycled denotes the usage of waste material which is converted into something more useful. The whole process helps in the betterment of the environment.

Key Features
It seems steel braiding and heat sink materials are his favorite, as we get to see the same even in this pair. This 18 pounds pair has been given an additional mesh layer which further boosts its strength and provides more aeration. Rubber tubing makes this men’s 10 size shoe suppler. One can exchange data quickly, thanks to its incorporated midsole circuitry in short a USB.

Jordan Spizike Cyberprise

Paying respect to the Jordan Spizike is this Cyberprise. Cyberprise in this case is slang which means merging of cyberspace and enterprise.

Key Features

Braided steel lacing still does the trick for the artist. In this case to add extra cushioning and softness a keyboard insole exists. For easy and quick transfer of data a circuit board has been beautifully used. If one wishes to use it for a long time, the shoe comes with a reverse battery that helps the same.

Green aspects

Useless items in the form of junk have been intelligently filtered and converted into eye appealing shapes, which are nothing but innovative. Pumping life into junk is an apt way of protecting the environment. This not only brings down the heaps of waste material which is piling up with every single day but also have the potential to take shape of ingenious varieties that too the green way.