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Eco Art: Herman Divers recycles pull tabs into amazing sculptures

herman diver pull tab sculptures

What is it?

Many environmentalists have been making efforts to save nature by implementing and creating awareness about recycling for quite some time now. Herman Divers, a retired hospital handyman, is one such environmentalist who has realized the benefits of aluminum recycling. He has made beautiful artworks by using old-fashioned pull-tabs of beer and soda cans in the 1970s, and now they are displayed at the Grassroots Art Center, in Kansas. The old-fashioned pull-tabs come with extensions for securing it with another pull tab. Herman Divers utilizes this feature for his incredible pull-tab artwork without any glue or steel reinforcements.

The artist:

Herman Divers is from Topeka, the capital city of the U.S. state of Kansas, and he is a retired hospital handyman. He is also famous as the “master of pull-tab engineering.” He has contributed his efforts to save nature by recycling aluminum pull-tabs and converting them into creative art.

The inspiration:

When Herman Divers retired as a hospital handyman, environmentalists were already emphasizing the need for aluminum recycling to save nature. He observed that pull-tabs of beer and soda bottles are being wasted on a large scale. He also noticed that those old pull-tabs had an extension to secure with another pull-tab. He made miracles with this feature in the 1970s and created incredible artworks without glue.

The material:

The material used to create impressive artworks includes aluminum-based old-fashioned pull-tabs taken from beer and soda cans in the 1970s. Later, when these old fashioned pull-tabs became obsolete, bottle caps and buttons were used.

The artwork:

His specialty is all about utilizing raw material, i.e. old fashioned waste aluminum pull-tabs, for his art. Until 1970s, the pull-tabs were simply being thrown into the garbage, creating a lot of land pollution. His idea of creating marvelous sculptures attests his aluminum wonders as his signature works. His commitment to work is also appreciable, as even after the old pull-tabs became obsolete, he continued working with bottle caps and buttons to create more beautiful creations.

Green aspects:

Aluminum is the most important and widely-used material in the world. Moreover, the beverage industry is the topmost aluminum-using industry. So, by recycling the redundant pull-tabs and molding these into stunning works of art, Herman has done his bit to keep the scrap out of the landfills.

Source: odditycentral/GrassRootsArt