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Eco-artist transforms discarded floppy disks into amazing art

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We are actually swimming against a rough tide, which is forceful enough to discourage our endeavors to cling to the things we’ve been using and throwing almost recklessly. However, there are people like Diana Ritter who know how to glide through this rough patch and respect stuff we usually discard. The eco-aware artist creates amazing art using 3 ½” floppy disks and other recycled materials. Wall hangings, photo frames, single disk fun stuff: she creates them all with her unique art.

My name is Diana Ritter. All my life I’ve loved music and art which I have truly enjoyed as my creative outlets. My career as an Engineer, however took me on a more technical path. My art created with floppy disks reflect the paradox between my two worlds of technology and art.

The conversational pieces add a special charm to a room’s décor. Abstract, modern and unique? Yes, we do agree.

Created with multiple Floppy Disks, the wall hangings sure deserve a place in your room or office.

Center disk of three Floppy Disks combine to form these photo frames. Each frame takes a 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ photo.

Via: GreenArt