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Eco Chair has been crafted using old clothes

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Modern designs, most of the times, ignore the beautiful nature. Designers hardly make an effort to recycle stuff, which will make those piling thrash heaps even bigger in size. Adam Stanley, an environment lover, has crafted the Eco Chair in an eco-friendly manner. Adam is a university student and, as a part of his project, was supposed to create a seating unit using salvaged and a few fresh materials. A chair is an important part of every house and office, which can instantly soothe those tired nerves. The designer has fashioned this piece of furniture in a rugged way. It has been made from steel tubing, carbon fiber and used clothes. Only two standard bolts were exploited to hold the whole structure together. Steel tubing was used to craft the basic frame, which makes the whole structure quite eye-appealing.

Normally, when clothes wear out we throw them away, but Adam made the main seat and back rest using tattered outfits. The trick is to layer old garments over an arrangement of carbon fiber. Further, epoxy resin is applied, which solidifies them and gives the chair a proper outward appearance. He has used T-shirts and even denims to cover the back rest and seat. Now, if you are one amongst those who thinks that nothing can be made using thrown away materials, then Eco Chair will force you to rethink. The tasteful piece of furniture will blend in any environment and radiate the area with its eco-friendly form.

Thanks Adam Stanley

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