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Eco Fashion: Animal inspired hair hats to make heads turn

animal hair hats

If you too are tired of that same boring curled, tied or straightened hairstyles, then try out one of these bizarrely stunning hair hats that are sure to give you a complete makeover. Inspired by wildlife, these beautiful hats are made using hair. You can see 15 unique headpieces that imitate animals like bear, rabbits, poodles, owls, elephants, goats and many more. These fabulous head accessories are sure to make many heads turn.

The designer

These strangely amazing head pieces are the result of the creative and ingenious thinking of Japanese artist Nagi Noda, who was best known for creating the bizarre Poodle Exercise video. These hair hats that look like animals are not mere fashion accessories, but also wearable art. Noda, who passed away in 2008, was known for her strange creations that pushed the boundaries of art, and the hair hats were no exception.

The inspiration

Animals are the driving-force behind these impressive hair hats. Nagi Noda has chosen such a beautiful and artful way to exhibit her love and concern for animals. These animal hair hats are a great way to encourage people to save wildlife.

The green factor

These eye-captivating animal hair hats are inspired by wildlife and send across a message of loving and preserving the innocent animals. Not only are they high-end fashion accessories, but also masterpiece of unique art. Developed using hair, these beautiful headpieces give new life to hair that would have else ended in landfills and waterways, creating pollution.

The Fab Factor

• These amazing hair hats divert discarded hair from the landfills, saving Mother Nature
• These unique headpieces are inspired by animals
• They help in promoting a green cause of saving wildlife
• Gives value and usefulness to waste hair and extends their life
• These animal hair hats are great fashion accessories

The ensemble

Spectacular, innovative, creative and stylish are the words that come to mind when I think of these remarkable hair hats. Portraying wildlife, these enthralling headpieces are made from hair. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces also pass the eco-friendly message of preserving animals. Besides, they are amazing accessories to make a great fashion statement. Though, this fashion-forward artist had left us, but will always be remembered for her outrageous wearable artworks.