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Eco Fashion: ‘Pick a Jewel’ elegant jewelry made from found objects

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Women have always had a fetish for jewelry. It fascinates women the most and the vogue for jewelry is ever lasting. If you are planning to buy a classy, elite and exclusive jewelry, then I am going to tell you about a trendy jewelry introduced by ‘Pick a Jewelry’ by FIFT. This creation is really different as it is made of objects you found in your environs. The necklace is with a tiny clasp as a pendant which looks really cool.

The designer
The designers behind this incredible creativity are Katsunari Igarashi and Asami Igarashi, who run a design studio called “FIFT” in Tokyo. You can see the creativity of their minds from the jewelry they designed. Their interest is to make jewelry from trash and found objects.

The inspiration
Every creator needs an inspiration. Igarashi’s creative mind, imagination and her appeal for the beautiful natural objects is the stimulation to create such a wonderful jewelry. She collects the objects which seem to be useless but attractive, to make the jewelry. The attachments we see in her designed necklace and earrings are very nice and stunning. She makes use of different objects in a very artistic way.

The green factor
The FIFT necklace is really striking because of natural things attached to it like back lock, leaves, buds and small flowers. This eco- friendly necklace is quite stylish. You can wear it daily by changing the attachments from other natural things and makes it different from other jewelry.

The fab factor
You don’t have to spend much money on this jewelry, you can make it yourself. Attach harmless natural things on tiny clasp. Wear it with your favorite out fits. You don’t have to wear other jewelry with this. This elegant jewelry is eye- catching and pretty. You can use this as your style statement. Every time it will compliment you.

The jewelry collection
The jewelry is a unique piece of art. You can attach anything interesting you find from your surroundings to make it special and I am sure that this trendy, cool jewelry will become a trend setter very soon. So be a super cool chic this summer by wearing these natural designed earrings and necklace that compliment your outfits. You can also gift this necklace and earrings to your friend to make them feel special and believe me they are going to be love this.

Via: Ecouterre