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Eco Fashion: Recycled sweaters become fashionable winter coats

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With the climate taking a chilly turn, hot coffee and cozy woolies is all you can wish for. To heat up the temperature by a few degrees are these super cool sweater coats made from recycled garments. Designed by Jill Kerttula, these one-of-a-kind pieces are handcrafted to have no ill effects on the environment. Each of these pieces is not mere style statement maker, but also masterpieces of art.

The designer

This amazing ensemble is the work of Wisconsin-based artist Jill Kerttula. The talented artist who left the corporate world for the handmade community is now creating fashionable and cool stuff for everyone. Her reconstructed garments are made from recycled clothes.

The inspiration

Her sweaters came from the love for nature, textures and wish to have unique sweaters. She never has the patience to knit them, so thought of an innovative idea to fulfill her desire. She experimented with using some of her quilt piecing techniques to make new sweaters out of old ones.

The green factor

Jill Kerttula’s line of sweater coats come from recycled garment, diverting them from landfills. The entire materials required to fashion these one-of-a-kind pieces comes from second hand and thrift stores. These garments give new life to old, worn out clothes. All of these coats are handmade, which means the environment doesn’t have to bare the consequences of machine manufacturing. This reconstruction has increases the life of these garments by a few more years.

The fab Factor

• These stunning coats are made from recycled garments, encouraging green practices like recycling
• Recycling saves on resources, labor and money
• Gives value and usefulness to old garments and extends their life
• These reconstructed sweater coats not only saves from the harsh, cold weather, but also makes a great fashion statement

The ensemble

These beautiful reconstructed sweater coats are re-purposed from fabric reclaimed from recycled garments. These comfy and soft garments have stylish silhouette, making them highly fashionable. Each of these pieces has uniqueness to them because they are handmade. The different colored recycled garments are blended so beautifully that they have transformed into wearable art. These colorful coats are sure to raise the temperature this winter.

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