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Five eco friendly alternatives to traditional burial

Go Eco-friendly

Environment activists have been raging over eco-friendly options for almost everything nowadays, especially for the traditional burial practices that are most detrimental to the society at large. Burial sites need land to be cleared out, cremation causes green house gasses, a large number of trees are cut down in order to make intricate caskets and the chemical process used nowadays cause several green house gasses and other toxic chemicals. No one likes to plan for their funeral but we think that it would be a great idea to have an eco-friendly option that can help save the environment and make a difference to the people as well as our Mother Earth.

We have got some good options for you which are not only informative but are also quite interesting, innovative and will provide an excitement to choose from. So your contribution stays with the environment, even after you are long gone from this world. There are options for you where you can choose a green cemetery where you can get naturally woven caskets made from cloth materials like silk or cotton. Some environmentalists also have the options of scattering the cremated ashes around the earth, in different places which might be close to your heart. Keepsake urns are also available to keep your ashes with your family.

Here are a few best options to choose from:

1. Biodegradable Urns

Many traditions have cremation as their way of burying the dead. If this is your option then you have chosen one of the most environmental friendly and the best option of all. There are some famous companies like Wal-Mart or Journey Earthurn that make biodegradable urns. These biodegradable urns are extremely environment friendly as they are made from natural, handmade, century’s old paper making techniques that very easily can either be stored or can break down in a natural way beneath the ocean.

2. Freezing your body

A Swedish Company, Promessa Organic, has derived an innovative, safe and healthy way of burying your corpse. Their way of cremation is very different as they first freeze the corpse using Liquid Nitrogen and later they use the technique of creating sound waves which crushes this frozen body into powder. The next step is to sterilize this powder. After the sterilization process the powder is left to compost in a coffin made out of corn or potato starch. There are vacuum chambers that keep this powder dry and help in evaporating any water that might be present. The effect of this type of cremation is that it reduces the hazardous impact of normal burial on water, air and soil.

3. Arka Ecopod

These are made of naturally, 100 percent recycled paper and recycled materials. These are basically made from compressed newspapers that are easily biodegradable. Thus these traditional coffins can save a large amount of wood and even harmful chemicals from being used and getting wasted. It is safe, durable and easily transferable and can carry even the heaviest of weights. This is a good option to go for if you want a traditional coffin for your burial.

4. Compakta Coffins

These are provided by Creative Coffins who use non-toxic Compakta cartonboard. These coffins are highly environment friendly and can be used for cremation as well as for burial. This cartonborad material is made from unbleached pulp that contains a mix of recycled paper and wood pulp, percentage of recycled paper being more than the wood pulp. The Forest Stewardship Council has certified these coffins. Natural starch based glues are used to assemble such coffins instead of normal screws, bolts or tapes. Woven cotton is used to make the handles of these coffins. They come in a variety of designs to choose from. Personalization of the designs is also available, free of cost.

5. Ecocoffin

Ecocoffin is made out of cardboard but 90 percent of the coffin is made from recycled material. The material used here does not produce harmful chemicals or by products during cremation or burial. A number of colors, designs and patterns mark the Ecocoffin design pattern. One can choose from a variety of signature patters like ivy, poppy, autumn leaves, or any natural pattern. One can even personalize the coffin with a picture of one’s family, personal tributes or any personal decorative.

Let your loved ones know about your green burial wishes and make an impact on the earth that has provided you with everything to sustain. It is your turn now to help the Earth sustain in a better manner.