Eco friendly bathroom accessories

There are many eco-friendly bathroom accessories items like towels, hand towels and face cloths. With these your bathroom can be free from all the toxic materials in linens as well as the rolls of paper being used everyday.


Buy fair trade products

Several eco friendly companies have started producing certified organic cotton towels, often “fair trade”. “Fair trade” works often in poor countries and with producers who make sure they are paid what their products are really worth. The intention is to help them attain economic independence and self-sufficiency. Look for organic towels, colored with natural dyes for your bathroom.


Sustainable fibers

Cotton towels have also been replaced entirely by bamboo nowadays. Bamboo produces absorbent towels that are generally much softer and luxurious than regular cotton. So you have the duality of being eco-friendly and yet pamper yourself at the same time. Get bathrobes, bath mats and toilet covers in the same eco-friendly materials.


Sustainable knick knacks

With soap dishes, trash cans and others, you can also be more ecological by buying completely biodegradable plastic, usually corn-based. You can also opt for things made from recycled glass, brushed stainless steel, coconut shell or hardwood. A few are made from thin bamboo stalks secured together to form a rack. Liquid soap or lotions could be dispensed from a glass bottle with a pump.


For your linens

Use storage baskets made of rattan, towel holders made from recycled wood or bamboo ladders. Bath mats of cork or teak slats, wood or bamboo bath tub caddies, laundry hampers made of linen bags or of bamboo are good options. Clothing hooks could be fat smooth skipping stones hoisted on a wooden base.


Shower curtains

Let your shower curtain be made of organic cotton, linen, hemp or even birch. Hemp is usually much stronger than cotton and flax-based linens are more resistant to mold and mildew. A few companies also recycle the sails from boats into shower curtains. There is also a company that makes these curtains from the gigantic advertising panels from old billboards.


Green cleaning stuff

Always make sure you use organic green cleaners for the bathroom and household. You can also find green toilet paper at the same store which is made of recycled materials.

It’s truly doable to have an completely eco-friendly bathroom, so that while you’re keeping clean yourself, you’ll also help keep the planet clean and uphold its healthy life.

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