Eco friendly bathroom moss carpet

Walking on fresh mud and grass can boots your circulation, while we can’t really vouch for this, it does feel nice to kick off your shoes and walk around barefoot on cool soft grass.


That is what the Moss Carpet feels like; the latest eco friendly creation from Nguyen La Chanh is very unusual as it looks and feels exactly like grass under your feet, and since it is a bathroom mat, it can be placed in your loo!

It had been made out of a material known as plastazote, which is a form of imputrescible foam. The mat also contains island moss, forest moss and ball moss. The best part if that it requires minimal maintenance, since it is bath mat, the humidity levels in your bathroom ensure that the mosses can be sustained.

This would probably why it comes only as a bath mat and not as only other form of mat or carpet. In order for the mosses to survive it has to be place in the bathroom and not anywhere else.

The mat can be bought online and placed in nay home and bathroom making it very convenient as well.

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