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Eco-friendly boutique hotels that make your eco-shopping experience worthwhile

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Boutique hotels are expanding these days. They comprise of a specific theme around which the indoors and the outdoors of the hotel is constructed. Eco-friendly boutique hotels are growing these days. They cater to the desire of people to have as little environmental impact as possible, even when on vacation. Using conservative methods and interiors that are made using organic materials is what you will find in several boutique hotel.

Some of the hotels mentioned come under the boutique hotel concept:


The Green House (UK) 

Located at Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, this is a eco-friendly boutique hotel. Comprising of 32 beds, the villas are provided hot water and heating by solar panels. The light sensors installed use less energy and the TVs use not more than a quarter of the energy that is utilized by other TV units. Doesn’t this seem to a good place to spend the eco-friendly vacation you had dreamt of?


Hotel Victoria (Germany)

This four star boutique hotel is located at Freiburg in Germany. The bar present in this Western Premier Hotel is completely run by renewable energy. The public transport here can be used for free. This can be considered an encouragement to visit this eco-friendly boutique hotel.

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Lapa Rios (Costa Rica) 

This is located in Corcovada National Park at the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. It comprises of 16 bungalows with an eco-friendly concept. It is built with the idea of creating a low impact on the surrounding environment, and conserving the tropical rainforest surrounding the hotel.


Vil Uyana (Sri Lanka) 

Located in Sri Lanka, this hotel is built across paddy fields on a natural land reserve with 25 wooden villas. It is managed and operated by Jetwing and is considered as the leading eco-friendly tourism boutique hotel in the Indian Subcontinent.


Arthur’s Pass Wilderness Lodge (New Zealand)

This is located in New Zealand and as the name suggest comprises natural forest reserves surrounding it. This is a luxury eco-friendly boutique hotel which is spread across 6000 acres of forest land. However, the management of the hotel has taken care to protect the vegetation and natural forest. Regenerating and reusing natural reserves has been a focus for the boutique hotel.


Hotels are generally considered wasteful for energy and have a gigantic carbon footprint. Some hotels have actively tried to reduce their carbon footprint, and some have been built exclusively to have minimal impact on the environment.