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Eco-friendly Chair One is simple yet stylish

Chair One

Working on computers the whole day in order to earn a living can get very tiring and irritating at times. Spending most of your day sitting on a chair leaves you exhausted and of course how can you forget the excruciating pain that the wrong posture give you. Bringing an eco-friendly solution to these problems is Alexei Mikhailov, an award winning designer who implements creative skills into new design solutions for solving challenges of tomorrow. This ingenious industrial designer has designed a unique chair that promises to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency. Christened as Chair One, the chair is not like the usual pieces of furniture that you own. This one here is stylish, eco-friendly and multi-functional.

Fashioned using bamboo, the chair is made using two pieces that can be easily adjusted to form anything from a regular dining chair to a lounge to a bar stool seating arrangement. In order to get different arrangements, all you need to do is place the sliding one piece seat into one of three sections on that back rest of the chair. No additional piece is required. The chair is simple yet stylish. The simple curvature form and elegant bends provide comfort and style. For those of you who like to keep it green and simple, the chair can be made from materials like bamboo or biodegradable plastics.