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Eco-Friendly Churches in the US

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Being Eco Friendly

Nowadays being eco friendly has become incredibly important and essential for business, communities, organizations as well as individuals. Being Eco friendly is being a friend to the environment and trying innovative ways in which one can reduce our carbon footprint and help save the environment.


This is not some trend but a serious matter as being eco friendly is important to protect the environment from any further damages. The environment has many problems like pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, climate change, change in weather problems and many more such environmental problems which are directly caused by various forms of human activity. Every community of human beings that lives of this plan should take steps to improve the health of the environment before it is too late. Some Churches in the United States have taken the right steps towards being eco friendly.

Eco Friendly Churches in the United States

In the United States today many communities are realizing the importance of going green and protecting the environment. There are thousands of churches in the United States of different denominations across the country. However some churches have started going green. This means they are taking various steps in order to reduce their footprint and protect god’s green earth. The churches are often visited by thousands of its followers every week. Many people in churches are also now discussing the need to protect and conserve the environment. Even the new Pope of the Roman Catholic faith has mentioned the importance of being eco friendly. There are many churches in the United States of different denominations that are going green today and taking steps towards being eco friendly. Also many churches in United States have promoted various eco friendly campaigns.


Churches in the United States that have taken steps towards being Eco Friendly are:

  • Many Churches in the United States have started using solar power and other renewable sources of energy to power their churches.
  • The Keystone Community Church in Michigan became the first LEED certified Church in the country and has taken various steps in its architecture and design to be eco friendly. Today many churches have followed the example of this church and also got LEED certifications.
  • The Interfaith Power and Light Program in many states in the U.S. are been very popular. This program through religious congregations like churches is attempting towards connecting religion and the need to save the environment. It is taking many steps towards energy conservation, energy efficiency as well as renewable energy. This program today is undertaken in many states across United States and it brings awareness as well as change towards going green and being eco friendly. This Interfaith Power and Light program started in 1998 with the support of the Grace Cathedral. There are other collective programs that are also helping the green cause associated with various churches in the United States.


  • The National Council of Churches of Christ Eco Justice Programs is another example of churches in the United States promoting eco friendliness and going green.
  • Delaney Hall, Emerson’s Unitarian Universalist Church in Houston Texas has also taken steps towards being eco friendly in energy efficiency, recycling of water and energy conservation. Also the Green Castle Baptist Church has built its new church building in an eco friendly way.

There are many more Churches in the United States that are going green today in order to protect the environment. They are finding new and innovative ways to go green and are also spreading the message of protecting the environment to the followers of the Churches in America.