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Eco-friendly garden entries wanted

All the residents of the Windsor city are warmly invited to take active participation in the famous Sonoma County and Northern Marin County Eco-Friendly Garden Tour, which is being organized for the third time on May 11. This is a unique tour that will allow you to explore your greener side.

This interesting and environment friendly event is basically sponsored and organized by the famous Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership. This event welcomes all the participants to come with either a professionally designed and also installed garden of their own or you can also participate in the do it yourself entries for garden that actually features some of the best and genuine ideas for designing an ecological and well sustainable practices of gardening.

Ideas to get Inspired

If you are aware of your environment, and want to contribute your part, then there can no better chance than this. There are numerous ideas that you can use, there are different types of eco friendly techniques of gardening, such as deer resistant or there is also an idea for making your garden a drought tolerant, or use of different unique and recycled materials, lawn free based landscaping, extremely relevant and popular, rainwater or greywater irrigation methods. There are so many ideas that one can actually adapt or generate, there can never be shortage of such eco friendly ideas among environment enthusiast.


Main Highlights of Gardens

•Rain gardens, cisterns and swales

• Measures for erosion control

•Lawn replacement or conversions

•Permeable walkways

• Organic garden’s edible

• Landscapes Free From Pesticides

•Native and plants with drought tolerant

•Cob bench


•Graywater garden systems


How and Why It Started

This new concept of Eco Friendly Garden tour is basically organized in respect with the purpose of public outreach and as an educational program. It is expected to create and promote new sustainable methods and techniques of gardening. Many professionals are expected to take participants in this tour, also different clients are also expected to be present there in order to showcase their sponsored agencies, nurseries, landscaping and irrigation supplies. It will not only generate some funds but it will also spread lot of awareness among people for sustainable and eco friendly gardening to secure our world.

This is a purely self guided environmental tour and it is presented to the people for the third time. There are several highlights of this event, but the main focus of this event to promote practices which can be used sensitive practices toward local waterways. At each and every location of such garden, a professional landscaper, homeowner or designer will be present in order to provide the visitors with information on their gardens and to answer their queries regarding such methods of gardening.

Guidelines to Participants

One thing that you should be careful about is that your garden should have an easy and convenient access along with proper designed street parking which should be adequate enough. All the participants and the host of such gardens are required to be present at their respective sites between 10 a.m in morning till 4 p.m. in the evening on May 11.

Do not forget that the deadline for completing your registration of your garden or if your wish to give nomination of any of your friend or relative then do it before April 15.

All the entry forms will be available for the participants on the website of Town of Windsor. You can also call the concerned authorities; their contact details are also available on the website. Registration is important and required for all the participants; however there will absolutely no fees charged to the people who are planning to visit this wonderful garden tour.