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Eco-Friendly gDiapers

by DrPrem Jagyasi

gDiapers may prove to be the potential product which will take baby care to a whole new level of eco-friendliness. Conventional diapers are composed of an inner diaper made of wood pulp and an outer lining made of plastic — both of which are thrown away and ultimately find their way to landfills. gDiapers have an innovative two-part detachable construction that allows their inner lining to be flushed, ensuring human waste winds up in the sewage treatment system where it belongs, not in the landfill where it is a source of hazardous waste.

Moreover, the colorful outer pants which proves to be a potential fashion statement for toddlers can be reused over and over.  Representing a feasible and convenient alternative to both cloth and disposable diapers, and a measurably reduced environmental impact, the gDiaper just may overtake significant market share from conventional diapers.