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Eco-friendly Hand Crafted Recycled Can Art

The world is going green and so are the people out there. More and more people are including recycling in their lives. It isn’t uncommon nowadays to see different dustbins in people’s homes for recyclable and non-recycleable items. Recycling isn’t just for a show. It not only transforms the useless products into useful things but also helps in making the environment green and safe. However, in certain cases, even recycling entails some carbon emission. Therefore, there’s nothing better than creating art of your trash. For inspiration, you can check here how handcrafted recycled can art can help you in making the best of used soft-drink cans.

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Eco-friendly Hand Crafted Recycled Can Art

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In today’s modern world, a lot of beverages come sealed in aluminum cans, mostly called the soda cans. After the beverage is consumed, these cans are simply thrown in the dustbin without much contemplation. But Marsmanron made an extra effort to swap these pieces of junk into useful art forms. The artist has managed to handcraft designs out of these cans taking recycling to an all new level. This not only has the capacity to be used as decoration pieces but also trims down loads of trash, hence saving the environment.

1. Handcrafted Pepsi Max Chopper Motorcycle:
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The motorcycle has been made keeping all the necessary details intact. The wheels of this bike have been made by cutting the can’s bottom. It has been priced at $25 USD.

2. Coke Cola Soda Can Art Pumper Fire Truck:

This looks just like a fire truck with the red and silver color combination and is priced at $100 USD. The truck has wooden ladders, hoses, seats and air horns. Made over a period of 30 days, it measures 14” in length, 6 ½” in width and 4 ½”.

3. Nascar Kasey Kahne airplane recycled aluminum beer can helicopter:
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Costing $60 USD is this Budweiser beer can helicopter crafted out of rare cans. This model is a must have if you are a NASCAR or Kasey Kahne fan.

4.  Pepsi Wild Cherry Soda Can Art Pirate Ship:
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Wild Cherry ship will woo those who love to travel on a ship. Wedged at $55 USD, it will capture your senses in no time and prick you to go on a cruise every time you set your eyes on it.

5. Whirlygig Recycled Aluminum soda can airplane Dragon Fly Q-2:
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Love to fly in the open skies, then how can you miss the eco friendly Whirlygig airplane Dragon Fly Q-2 made out of recycled aluminum soda cans. The original design was supposed to be powered by Subaru or VW power engine. This recycled product has been professionally constructed keeping in mind all the details.

6. Dads Rootbeer Soda can art pirate ship:
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According to the designer, this model is the most sought after and sold like a hot cake on Father’s Day. Well, gifting a product with green qualities is definitely a great thought. To own this ship one needs to shell $55 USD.

7. Beer can soda can tractor plans:
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Every wanted to own a tractor but then stepped back thinking it won’t be of any use as you are not a farmer. Well, here is a chance to construct one at home. The artist is here to sell the whole plan which will highlight how this amazing piece of art can be erected. It is a step by step plan in the form of a PDF and costs $10 USD. So, recycle all the cans you have at home and save the planet from further deterioration.

Some more unique recycled art accessories

1. Flash Gordon handmade zipperpull

Now here is one of the coolest pieces of artwork made completely out of recycled products. This is an exotic hand-made zipperpull, which is so exotic and gorgeous that you will find it really hard to take your eyes off it. This Flash Gordon inspired zipperpull is really worth of adoration and is highly appreciated for its ultimate design.

2. X-men recycled art pins or magnets

The art pins and magnets are one of the most commonly found items in the garbage item list. So these two items can be easily transformed into cool stuff like this piece of art. This is an X-Men inspired artwork, which includes the faces of the X-Men team. The colors given to the art looks pretty cool and add a sense of adoration.

3. Storm from a vintage recycled comic

Now here is something that will completely take you to a whole new world. This is a storm inspired piece of art, which is so gorgeous and appealing that you won’t be able to ignore its beauty. The best part of this piece of art is that it is made completely out of recycled products and the main components used in making this art are comic.

4. Rogue vintage handmade recycled pins

This Rogue vintage piece of art is really cool in terms of style and looks. It is completely handmade and is made mostly using the recycled products. The recycled pins are the major components used in making this masterpiece.

5. Morpheus sandman handmade pin

This piece of art is especially made for all the sandman fans out there. This will really remind you of the original hero and will completely take you into the same world. This piece of art is pretty gorgeous and also the deadly looks given to the art completely add to its beauty.

6. Ninja turtle earrings

Now here is something for all the girls out there. And if you are a Ninja Turtle fan, then this is one of the best recycled products for you. These are exotic earrings which are made completely out of recycled products. The Ninja turtle looks given to the earrings are so gorgeous and pretty.

7. Loki Norse God from sandman handmade pin

The Sandman fever is really hard to go and this beautiful piece of art will completely bring back the fever. This sandman art is exceptionally stunning and the looks given to it are just amazing. This piece of art is a real worth of adoration and you can practically not ignore this stuff on any account.

8. Tigers from a Bible book, hand-painted background

This piece of art is a bit no realistic. The tiger piece is taken out from a book and is implanted on a hand-painted background. The background, however, looks pretty amazing and especially the red color adds completely to the beauty of the art.

9. Sun pendant made from a recycled children’s book

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy and the Sun inspired products are pretty rage all over. So here is another Sun inspired product which is actually an exotic pendant. The unique thing about this is that paper is used to make this cool pendant.

10. Goat from an ad hand-painted background brooch

This gorgeous piece of art is really worth of adoration for what it delivers. A cool goat sculpture taken out from a book is perfectly used along with other pieces of art which looks pretty impressive. The sharp edges and the background color of the art are simply awesome.

Such environment-friendly amazing pieces of art carved out of thrown away and almost useless products will encourage everyone around to adopt a greener life. The designer has even managed to capture everyone’s interest with these eco-friendly Handcrafted recycled hand art.

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