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Eco-friendly ideas for pregnant women and young children

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Would you not like to confer your eco-friendly habits on to your baby? Well, many would surely love to do so. Mothers can initiate this right from the day they are pregnant.


The pregnancy period

The umbilical cord of a woman is accumulated with more than 200 chemicals that are infused or taken in by the simple usage of many household items. Our every day habits of using kitchen appliances, chemical based preservatives etc. can cause the baby harm too. Hence, cultivating habits of using right organic nutrients during pregnancy is essential. This can prevent the intake of these hazardous substances by more than 90%. Wouldn’t that in turn be good for a healthier kid?


Green baby shower

Baby showers are large gatherings and hence can result in large amounts of papers, disposable plastics and food being wasted. A green baby shower would simply mean to send e-invites, using reusable plates and spoons and limited stocking of food. Moreover using party poopers can also be avoided. This can be a theme for the Naming Ceremony, the first birthday and so on.


Eco-friendly cleaning products

Many of the cleaning products have poisonous chemicals in them. You can easily find them written on the labels of the bottles or boxes mentioning ‘dangerous if swallowed or inhaled by kids.’ Would you still like to get those products home? You can use simple kitchen products like vinegar, salt, and water to clean the molds or utensils. Moreover, many shops these days provide eco-friendly cleaning products that contain herbs or organic ingredients.


Pollution free air

Indoor air needs to be clean and fresh. Many houses have less ventilation or prefer closed windows. Instead, let the fresh air come in. This helps in the pollutant caused by dusty furniture or the heat caused by electronic home appliances to pass outside and be replaced by fresh and pure air.


Organic baby food

Children have high metabolism and feel hungry due to the continuous physical activities that they engage in. Hence, focusing on their food quality is important. You should increase the quantity and usage of organic vegetables and fruits along with herbs and spices. Getting fresh vegetables and fruits from the local vegetable market is essential. Moreover, increasing the intake of juices and fruits instead of junk food too is important. It is the child’s age to grow and develop, and hence the right time to provide good food for the right growth.


Go green from the get-go. Staying eco-friendly in your pregnancy takes a little effort, but has great results for you and for your child.