Eco Friendly Interior Designing

Designing your home can be eco-friendly with just a few simple tricks. Find out how you can you’re your home eco-friendly.



Plants can help filter air and would aid in removing harmful chemicals in the room. Aside from the health benefits it can give, it also adds beauty to your home and gives it a natural and fresh ambience. If you are aiming to improve indoor air quality, you can place peace lilies, bamboo palm or gerbera daisy.



Let the sunlight in and maximize daylight. Use skylights and open shades. You can also let your windows face south to get enough sunlight. Using daylight in place of electrical lighting can be another great way because it can save electrical bills and prevent the release of pollutants inside the house.



Using a compact fluorescent light can help you save energy and electrical power. It can also prevent release of greenhouse gasses and pollutants which can be damaging to your health and the environment. So, when you look for lighting, look into the labels and prefer those that are energy-efficient.


Avoid VOC

VOC means volatile organic compounds that are injurious to the health. These can be found in paints, household products, furniture, carpets and others. When you purchase stuff for your home, always look for those items that do not emit VOC or has low VOC content.



Select windows that are lined with special coatings to reflect heat and provide insulation. This will keep you room warm especially on cold seasons. It can also help you cut expenses because you won’t need to use your cooling or heating equipments.



For your walls, select paints that do not release harmful substances. You can also use wall coverings like wallpapers to cover up your walls. Or you might want to make use of wood panels, cork or ceramic tiles that are all eco-friendly. Aside from being green, these can surely make your walls look stunning.



Use furniture that is made from organic materials. It can be made of wood blocks and the table tops can be made of marble or stone. You do not have to be apprehensive if it comes to design because you can still get the kind of design you want. You can even ask for for customized wooden or bamboo furniture. This can give a more personal touch to your room.

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