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Five most eco friendly islands in the world

Eco friendly islands

Ever wondered what a picture perfect island feels like? Clear blue water, sunkissed sand and a long spread serine view that takes you to a world of mystery. The natural reserves consisting of their flora and fauna, exotic and rare animals and birds are enigmatic and travelers are offered a chance to have a glance into their natural habitat. Here is a list of the top 5 wildest, purest and the most eco-friendly islands. These islands are based on preserving the culture and ecology of the area they represent. They have taken an initiative to preserve their national parks and provide with sustainable opportunities for conscientious travelers. For the true nature lovers these eco friendly islands offer unadulterated beauty and charm.

1. Vanuatu


Vanuatu is officially the Republic of Vanuatu. Located in the South Pacific Ocean it is an island nation. An island archipelago, Vanuatu consists of approximately 82 geologically newer and smaller islands which are of volcanic origin. The Vanuatu is stretched for about 800 miles from the north to the south between the remotest islands.

The island’s natural colors stand out even as tranquil blue waters flow from the South Pacific. The ecosystems here range from grassland to rainforest to coral reef. More than 100 native dialect and languages are nurtured in a Melanesian culture which is almost 3,000 year old. But what really add to the charm of this chain of islands its authenticity. All of its culture still exists in ways of its beauty and tradition.

2. Dominica


This island is situated in the Caribbean Sea and is a borderless country. Dominica is located in the northernmost of Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea and its region of Lesser Antilles. This island nation is nicknamed as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean considering its pure natural beauty. In the Lesser Antilles this is the newest island which is still forming due to geothermal-volcanic activities.

It also boasts of a boiling lake which is the world’s second-largest, three of the most beautiful fresh water lakes, five volcanoes and numerous ecological wonders. Dominica offers lush rainforests with a mountainous terrain. It is home to various bird species, rare plant and animal. The climate is pleasant with heavy rainfall in the inland areas. Sisserou Parrot which is featured on the nation’s flag is also its national bird. This island has amazing and stunning scenic views and is one of the most loved island destinations for nature lovers.

3. Tasmania


An Australian state and state Tasmania lies on the south of the Australian continent. It is separated by the Bass Strait. This state includes the beautiful island of Tasmania and is the world’s 26th largest island. This island is been promoted to be a natural state or the island of inspiration. It offers unspoiled natural beauty and environment. Almost 37 percent of Tasmania is reserved national parks and is also considered as a site for World Heritage.

Tasmania is amongst the last areas where temperature rainforests subsist and the entire rainforests thrive of these climatic conditions. Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area almost covers the island’s area which is about 3.46 million acres. It is home to many threatened species which include the very rare eponymous Tasmanian devil. Tasmania offers to its visitors a world of adventure and spectacular surroundings. This enchanting island will evoke your travel desire with its lush green views and amazing adventures and wildlife.

4. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galápagos Islands is a group of beautiful small volcanic islands. These islands are scattered around the Pacific Ocean’s equator. They are a part of the west continental Ecuador. The Galápagos Islands are surrounded by waters form the Ecuadorian province. They feature a biological marine reserve and a national park. The UNESCO World Heritage List had named these islands as the largest uninhabited chain islands, 19 to be specific. It is known as the “living museum and a showcase of evolution”. Its beauty lies in the giant tortoises, citing land iguanas and various finches, lush greens and scenic terrines.

5. Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai island

The island of Lanai is Hawaii’s sixth largest island. It is known as the Pineapple Island as it hosted large pineapple plantation in its past. This comma-shaped island is also the largest island in the United States. This island takes you to a different time period. Every step you take on this enchanting island takes you back in time. It natural wonders are the Lanai City’s plantation-era, the natural unadulterated world of Kanepuu Preserve. Kanepuu Preserve is home to over 48 native plants and species. There are almost no high-rises or traffic-lights in Lanai city which is a big step towards retaining its eco friendly environment.