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Five Eco-friendly items every kitchen should have

eco friendly items every kitchen should have

Going green is the trend today and going by the number of green products and activists who are trying to bring about a change in the world, things are not as difficult as it seemed to be. If you are thinking about Eco-friendly items for your kitchen and are clueless as to where you should start, here are some simple ways by which you can do your own bit for nature. Apart from energy saving appliances, there are quite a few simple additions that you can do to your kitchen to make it more green friendly.

1. Green cutting board

If you have been using plastic and other synthetic materials as your chopping board, it is time to change to a more Eco-friendly version, which is wood. Wooden chopping boards are great for the kitchen not just because they are Eco-friendly, but also because they give your knife a sturdy and food safe platform to operate on, provide a natural sharpening action for your knife when you use it for cutting, prevent the multiplications of bacteria on the surface unlike a plastic chopping board and are entirely easy to clean and handle. Wooden chopping boards also offer great variety with many woods like bamboo, hard grass wood, sheesham wood, etc. to name a few used for making chopping boards. Totally bamboo has a wonderful collection of Eco-friendly chopping boards to select from.

2. Green dinnerware

Dinnerware can be in natural materials like wood or recycled glass for a change. They not only add to the elegance of a special occasion, but are entirely free from the dangers of dyes and chemicals that are present in other forms of crockery. Again, you will have a great variety of recycled glass dinnerware and will have a number of exclusive handmade products to choose from. These green products could be expensive, but when you consider their durability and the effort that has gone behind its creation, the expense is well invested. Check out Are Naturals for a competent range of products in dinnerware.

3. Green cooking and serving utensils

Cooking and serving utensils are essential items in the kitchen. Though we are so used to stainless steel as a possible choice for kitchen utensils, it is time that we understood the importance of keeping our environment green and protecting our planet earth from destruction.

The alternatives that you can try when it comes to cooking and serving utensils are clay pots and serving utensils and wooden cooking and serving utensils. Clay may not be a great choice for your electric cooking mechanisms. If you have an Eco-friendly cooking procedure like burning wood for cooking, clay pots are excellent and very durable.

Serving utensils like bowls, spoons and spatulas can be in wood. Rosewood is a great option for serving bowls, spatulas, spoons, etc. as it is easy to care for and very durable. They can also be well maintained with the use of bamboo cleaning oil which gives them a natural and glossy shine. EcoKitchen and Bambeco offer some of the best choices here.

4. Green aprons and place mats

Aprons are woman’s best friend in the kitchen. Helping you keep away from stains on your clothes, no woman can survive without aprons. Eco-friendly aprons made in organic cotton or naturally occurring fibers like hemp, jute, etc. are not only a class apart from the rest, but also stand out with their beautiful designs and styles. You also get a variety of Eco-friendly colors like vegetable dyes which do not cause any allergy on your skin. Checkout the latest collection of Pristine Planet for a range of designs and styles.

Place mats can be more stylish and in recycled silk or cotton materials. They give your dining table and the entire setting a beautiful and ‘straight from the nature’ appeal which is difficult to forgo. Fair Trade Marketplace has a great collection that you can count on.

5. Green drink ware

Finally, drink ware is as important as your serving bowls and dinnerware. Recycled glass drink ware from Luigi Bormioli offers exciting collections which are carved out from 100% recycled glass. Water pitchers, tumblers, etc. come in various sizes, shapes and styles and are entirely worthy of the cost that you pay for these products.

Using Eco-friendly products is a healthy alternative to the synthetic materials which can cause a lot of health problems in the long run and lead you to life-threatening conditions, if used frequently.