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Eco friendly jewellery made from bullets to promote peace

Bullet Jewelry

Bullets are designed to take life. The destruction caused by them spreads an environment of fear. But have you ever wondered that bullets can also be used as a tool for spreading something that can be called the nemesis of the very purpose of its existence – PEACE? An Irish designer, Rafi Anteby, has made this possible by making handmade eco friendly beautiful designer jewelries from used bullet casings and using them for promoting peace in the world.

During firing, the tip of the bullet flies towards the target while its casing falls on the ground. The bullet manufacturers reload these casings with live ammunition once again for use in future. This entire process forms what we can call a ‘bullet cycle’ and thus continues the saga of death and destruction. However, named as Bullets4Peace, the stylish jewelries made by Rafi aim to intercept this vicious ‘bullet cycle’ and promote peace and harmony. He has made them by recycling bullet casings collected from different reload centers, streets and war zones. Various design elements like pewter, silver casts, crystals and even LED lights have been used to make them visually appealing.

Rafi decided to embark on this project after losing a childhood friend in gunfire. Now, he is associating himself with all such people who stand for the cause of peace by intercepting bullet cases from the war zones, streets and other reloading centers. He is also getting support from many Hollywood celebrities for this noble cause. Through a program called ‘Every Bullet has a target’, a portion of the income generated by sales of these jewelries is donated for several charities.

At a time when we have made innumerable weapons of our self destruction, we can be assured of the future only through some creative use of resources and hope in our capacity to survive any race against time. Calling himself a militant pacifist, the great scientist, Albert Einstein, has said that “Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” In the present context, we will have to evolve new symbols of peace that can become a rallying point for our fight against violence and destruction. Rafi’s Bullets4Peace can prove to be a good example for this but we will have to look out for other ways as well.

Via: Openpr