Seven eco friendly LED installations

LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes that emit light when electricity passes through them. LED is much more eco friendly than any other lighting source. In traditional incandescent bulbs 90% of energy gets wasted in form of heat but in LEDs very small fraction of energy is wasted in heat. LEDs energy requirement is very less as compared to any other light source. So, LEDS can also be considered as a way of saving energy indirectly. They also have the longest life span as compared to any other light source. Let us see how the world is using and enjoying this eco-friendly LED technology.

200 Solar-Powered LEDs Light Up NYC’s Hudson River

Inhabitants of New York City are now blessed with down to earth stars. The Windmill factory art collective has lightened up the Hudson River with numerous LED lights, calling it ‘Reflecting the Stars’. The installation consists of 201 solar-powered LED lights. It somehow makes us realize how air pollution and light are making our night sky disappear.

LED Installation Sheds Light on the Plight of Endangered Starlings

Nature reflects its beauty in the Starlings that visit UK during the winters. The migration of the Starlings create wonderfully fluctuating shapes known as murmurations, where the Starlings meet together before they settle to roost. Designer Claire Potter has lighted a roosting site, the iconic and skeletal West Pier with hundreds of LEDs powered by wind. The lighting highlights the decline in the number of Starlings visiting the place.

Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon is an international competition that challenges 20 collegiate to design, build and operate the most effective, attractive and energy-efficient solar powered house. The winner also has to blend affordability, consumer appeal and design excellence with optimal energy production. The first Solar Decathlon was held in 2002. Solar Decathlon allows visitors to tour ultra-efficient houses and gather ideas that they can use in their homes.

Beaming “Reflex”

The windows of the welcome truss are made in such a manner that it seems like a living organisms. The teeming nature of the window is because of the algorithm that decides how much light will be collected by the window. Such a window is constructed by using thousands of LEDs and a large number of brass rods. They are all controlled by programs that can stimulate any natural phenomenon.

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden is now glowing with rows of LEDs during the winters. The “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” is an outcome of collaboration with the Lighting Science Group and CD+M Lighting and Design Group. The stunning display is not only energy-efficient and stocked with LED lights but also has fixtures that are recyclable after the holidays. It puts forward an influential message to the public that using recyclable materials and materials with less energy requirement is equally important as paying respect to organic beauty. The display can cast different colors of 16.7 million varieties by only consuming 10 watts.

Bruce Munro’s Stunning LED Forest Springs Up in Bath

Bruce Munro’s installation of the “Field of Light” features 5000 acrylic orbs. The acrylic orbs are connected through a series to optical fibers and then to cables and finally to color scrolling projectors. The orbs are usually circuited in clusters so that groups of orbs will shift in color. In the evening hours the artwork causes the land around the Holburne Museum to light up like high-summer firefly season. A mass of fire optic cables snakes out to each individual stem in a surreal root-like networking system.

Illuminating Light Installations Inspire Visitors in Durham

Durham, the medieval city, lights up every winter during the Lumiere festival where dozens of artists get together in North East of England creating a series of installations, light projections to illuminate the entire city in the light festival. The thrilling festival has attracted all the great art starting from the neon light to LED displays. This festival has transformed the whole city into a wonderland. Artichoke Trust created the Lumiere. The trust is a group that brings large scale art events to the public. Lighting up the city encourages visitors to enjoy the city in a new form. Undoubtedly, it feels like being in heaven.

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