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Eco-friendly lifestyle trends this year

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Being eco-friendly is going big for all socially responsible citizens and will continue to be the same. Find out the top lifestyle trends this year.


1. Environmentalism in homes and areas

Sustainable and smart planning, architecture, water, electricity etc will be foremost on everyone’s mind. All houses and towns are turning into a culmination that provide to a person’s need for a high-tech environment while maintaining sustainability.Recycled or re-used domestic household waste will be integrated into our homes.


2. Avoiding wastage of food

Biggest struggle for mankind right now is to have food for all and prevent wastage.

  • ·Trading in food waste for discounts. that urged people to bring in their food waste in bags that were then exchanged for a discount at the restaurant.
  • ·Sharing food. – People should be encouraged to give trade or donate and get for free or buy extra leftovers .Social networks that let people invite guests to share a dinner are another example of saving extra food from going to waste.
  • · Food sharing services and ‘freegan’ movement to alert consumers about expiry of food items.


3. Clean water

There are all kinds of solutions to have pure drinking water from purifying tap water on the go, filtering it to turning other liquids into drinkable water.


4. Smart shopping

Using durable sustainable materials, wearing clothes longer, finding new ways to repurpose clothing and accessories is what every consumer should aim for. With conscious consumption on the rise, more and more people use special apps to measure their environmental footprint and get an idea on how to be more environment friendly.


5. Recyclable multipurpose packaging

Plant-based, biodegradable and recyclable packaging will be glamorous this year.

  • ·Plantable gift wrapping which contain seeds in them to be planted.
  • ·Reusable plastic cup to reduce the volume of paper cup waste. The tumbler can be refilled and washed multiple times, and then recycled in the end of its life cycle.


6.Sustainable driving

Sustainable practices in the automotive industry over the past few years have led to the emergence of hydrogen and electric vehicles (EV) ; car-pooling programs and carmakers using sustainable materials for the car interiors.

  • ·Monitoring the driver’s ecological footprint.The Automatic plug-in car device analyzes data and reminds the driver not to brake very hard or accelerate in order to save fuel.
  • ·Charging on the go or self charging capable cars.
  • ·Sustainable materials embedded into cars and bikes.
  • ·Driverless cars or Autonomous vehicles (AVs)will be a sustainable and reliable alternative to human-driven cars since computers will not drink alcohol and  can’t fall asleep .

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