Eco-friendly skyscrapers that make the world a greener place

The consensus is that huge buildings and skyscrapers are one of the main causes behind the increasing levels of pollution in urban areas. Modern architects are proving this belief to be a wrong one by erecting sky-high buildings which are equally eco-friendly and luxurious. They are utilizing the new technologies and architectural methods for curbing the carbon footprint of the skyscrapers and people who inhabit them.

Skyscrapers are an urban necessity as the population is increasing in leaps and bounds. The tall building creates vertical living space for accommodating the urban dwellers. By incorporating green building traits into high-rise buildings, architects are promoting sustainable development. In the following, some of the best Green skyscrapers from all around the world have been listed.

The Okhta Tower:

 Okhta Tower in St. Petersburg

Every homeowner knows the importance of insulation. Proper insulation makes houses energy efficient and reduces the energy bills. Okhta Tower in St. Petersburg has been built by prioritizing on the importance of insulation. It is the head quarter of the influential and powerful gas titan of Russia named Gazprom. UK based architect firm RMJM has handled the project. The architects have used super insulation technology for adding energy efficiency to the structure. They have installed two glass made skins around the rocket shaped building for creating the effect of atrium.

Hearst Tower:

 Hearst Tower

The Hearst Tower is a one of a kind skyscraper and the first one located in New York City which is recognized as a LEED gold building. Norman Foster who is a very well reputed architect has developed the concept of this skyscraper and successfully turned that concept into reality. The outer patterns of triangular frames are made with 85% recycled steel. By using 20% less steel the architects has tried to make this building greener. The heat conductive atriums made with limestone pavers helps in storing heat inside the building and for saving water it has rain water powered sculpture.

Bahrain World Trade Center:


The Bahrain World Trade Center was built in 2008. The architects have cleverly incorporated wind turbines into the architecture of this high rise for utilizing the power of the wind. Two sail shaped towers are joined by three sky bridges to make this stunning structure. The wind that blows through the innovative architecture of the sail shaped towers gets funneled to the strategically placed 225 KW wind turbines on the sky bridges.

The Co-operative Insurance Solar Tower:

 The Co-operative Insurance Solar Tower

In many modern homes, the owners installs solar panels for converting the solar power of the sun into usable electric energy. The popular modern trend has inspired architects as well. The architects who have built the Co-operative Insurance Solar Tower have used 7,244 photovoltaic panels on the body of the building for utilizing the sunrays optimally and generating green energy.

Dynamic Tower:

The Dynamic Tower, Dubai

This skyscraper will soon be erected in Dubai. It is the first rotating skyscraper of the world that uses 79 wind turbines integrated horizontally to its structure. All the floors of the 80 storey tall tower revolve systematically and the building continuously changes its shape. On the rooftop of each of the floor, the architects are installing photovoltaic ink for using the solar power and producing renewable energy. It will cost more than $700 millions to complete this building.


In their bid to design the most energy efficient buildings, the architects and designers are using water and energy conserving technologies and smart insulation techniques. They are experimenting with the materials and structure for creating designs which are unique, energy efficient and stylish. The mixed-use skyscrapers are combining residential and corporate space together.

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