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Eco-friendly SoftSteel Chair: Soft as cloth, strong as steel!

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Yes, you are reading it right! It is indeed a soft and utterly comfortable chair made out of nothing but stainless-steel. But, what makes a steel chair soft? Well, the steel in this chair is used in its ring mesh form, which makes it soft like a cloth and aesthetically appealing. What’s even more enthralling is the fact that it is fashioned out of 100% recycled stainless steel. You’ll feel like gliding while you sink into this ultra-comfortable chair.


Designed and created by Steve Remy of Concinity Product Design and Engineering, the SoftSteel chair is inspired to create a piece of furniture that is as soft as cloth and yet strong and durable.

What makes it green?

Besides being relaxing for your body, the SoftSteel chair is completely safe for the environment since it is made out of 17 pounds of recycled stainless steel, which is also completely recyclable. What more? It is highly durable too, so while bringing home the SoftSteel chair you can be assured of buying the best!

Via: Behance