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Eco Friendly Solutions at the Mumbai Airport

Saving and protecting the environment and being Eco Friendly is the order of the day. We need to reduce harmful carbon emissions that harm the environment. One of the major areas where there are a lot of carbon emissions is the transportation industry. To solve the problem of a rising carbon footprint the Mumbai Airport found many innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprints and do their bit to save the environment. By doing so they reduced the carbon emissions generated by them by over 6000 tones which was more than an 11 % drop in carbon emissions from the previous year.

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The following are some of the measures that the Mumbai Airport adopted to reduce carbon emissions and become more Eco Friendly.

  • All conventional lights at international and domestic terminals were changed to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights and lights are been switched off during the day so that less heat is generated.
  • The high powered lights at the aerobridges have been programmed to switch off automatically.
  • Conveyor belts have been programmed with no bags sensors, to stop when there are no bags on the conveyor belts.
  • Air Conditioning is set at 23 Degrees Celsius.
  • Blowers that circulate in crowded places have been switched off at non peak hours and also on winter nights when they are not needed.
  • At the entrances the authorities have installed high speed air curtains to stop the hot air from outside to enter the airport area.
  • There is a new X shaped Terminal that is being built at the Sahar Airport for domestic as well as international traffic. This Airport is being built in an eco friendly way using Eco Friendly material.


The Mumbai Airport has got a certificate for mapping its carbon emissions from the Bureau Veritas which is a global carbon certification company.  The Mumbai Airport aims to become more Eco Friendly in the future as they genuinely want to reduce their carbon emissions. The Airport is also making more efforts to become more environmentally friendly. This is a great example of being Eco Friendly by an organization in the transportation Industry. All other airports in India should consider this as reducing the impact on environment by human activities is a very important cause. We need to save and protect the environment that we live in from any further harm than what has already been done for the sake of all our future generations.