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Seven best eco friendly spas in the world

Eco friendly spas

Healthy brain resides in a healthy body and relaxation is very important for healthy body. Various traditional and modern techniques are prevalent all over the world for relaxing fatigued body. Spa is one similar technique which uses water treatment for releasing stress.

Given below is a list of seven best eco friendly spas in the world.

1. UNU Spa at Inkaterra

UNU Spa at Inkaterra

Traditional nurturing blended with magical Andean approach forms the main concept of Unu Spa. The products used in spa are derived 100% naturally from local plant extracts. Pure products help in enhancing the sensual and spiritual experience and mesmerizing fragrances of mint, eucalyptus, mountain lemon and orchids augments the soothing effect. The Andean Sauna has been beautified with stones that are heated in candle lit eucalyptus huts, surrounded by natural water ponds. Unu spa at Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel has been selected as one of the best Spas in 2009 by Spa Magazine edited in the United States. The spa treatment here is given for two hours using stimulating effects of coca leaves casted in various forms like oils, masks, creams, etc., with experienced hand movements to improve blood circulation.

2. Chill Spa at Hotel Terra

Chill Spa at Hotel Terra

Flamboyant colors and light airy textures are the main attraction of this spa. Chill Spa is known for giving 6 different treatments. It has domed ceiling, jaccuzzi, couple treatment room with gas fireplace. The spa has been made soothing using eucalyptus steam showers and comfortable Sky lounges for pre and post relaxation after treatment. Scenic views can also be enjoyed from huge windows designed specially to adore natural gifts. Outdoor rooftop hot tub enables guests to enjoy bath admiring beautiful sights. The spa forms an essential part of the hotel Terra services with a state of the art fitness center. The products for massage and scrub are made up of naturally grown herbs and are 100% pure. You can relax at this spa by spending only $255 to $310.

3. Amanbagh


Amanbagh Resort is a beautiful resort surrounded by a lake in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan. The resort has been designed in Moghul fashion within the walled complex that served as a shelter for Maharaja Alwar’s hunting camps. The compound is made up of pink sandstone and garden full of palm, eucalyptus and several fruit trees. There is a provision for outdoor activities around the resort. These activities include trekking, cycling, house riding, elephant rides, donkey rides, etc. Ajabgarh Lake is in full bloom between August and February and provides excellent platform for rowing and sailing. People staying in this resort can visit Sariska National Park, the Ajabgarh Fort and the Bhangarh ruins. Henna body painting and spa massage are famous for relieving stress and fatigue.

4. Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du Toubkal

The Kasbah du Toubkal lies 4000 meters high above sea level and is surrounded by high mountains from all sides. It has been carved on beautifully on a rocky mountain near the foot of the highest peat of North Africa. It is located at a distance of 40 miles from Marrakech but is far away from hustle bustle of city. It seems as if this peaceful and serene place is located thousands miles away from city. The rooms are very attractive and food served is equally delicious. The roof terrace gives a pleasant scenic view. Hamman steam treatment is used to relax your tired muscles after a long trek through steel slopes.

5. Monart


This place is counted among the famous 5 stars and is known for the best spa treatments. It has a modern ultra sleek design enriched with beautiful woodlands and green gardens. The place combines together nature and harmony to pacify the inner self. Monart is a luxurious hotel located near Enniscorthy in Co. Wexford. It has Dry Flotation beds that inflate and envelop around like a water bed and calm down exhaustion from each and every part of your body. The spa claims that its one hour spa is comparable to 15 hours of continuous rest.

6. Rogner Bad Blumau

Rogner Bad Blumau

This magnificent hotel created by an Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of its kinds. It is regarded as the largest habitable work of art cuddled up in the undulating hills of the South-Eastern Styrian scenery. The unique ambiance promises to give you an unforgettable life long experience. The fantastic architecture and exceptional design of Rogner Bad Blumau have been crafted near tranquil village of Bad Blumau. Its attractive grass cover roofs and rainbow colored portico gives it a form of fairytale world. It has 206 guests room and is famous for its fresh and regional dishes. Blumau massage in which a therapist keeps brass bowls on the body and hits them to create deep relaxing vibrations is prevalent practice followed in this hotel.

7. Tabacon Grand Thermal Spa Resort

Tabacon Grand Thermal Spa Resort

This luxurious resort is located at the bottom of the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The beauty of the resort has been enhanced by a natural thermal river and twelve hot spring pools and lagoons. The place looks very natural with waterfalls, gardens and green trails are around the resort. The grand Spa exploiting its exclusive hot springs location provides various treatments and therapies. Sweat lodge called as Temazcal, mud wraps, scrub signatures, open air yoga studios form the main attractions of this lavish resort. Various stretches and bends to regulate energy flow are taught in 75-minute Tabacon massage session followed by a relaxing mud massage.

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