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Eco-friendly summer collection by Steward and Brown

Steward Brown Summer Collection 2011

A good set of clothes can win instant admiration. What if your wardrobe gets the eco-friendly trait? A designer duo from California has made an effort to come up with a remarkable collection, which has been made from 100% organic materials. The summer line is wearable and comes loaded with comfort. It is light in weight, which will couple well with the hot season.

The designers

The eye-appealing collection has been designed by Karen Stewart and Howard Brown from Los Angeles, California. These real life partners started a fashion brand in the year 2002. Their latest collection speaks volumes about their love for nature. The designs are wearable and very modish.

The inspiration

The duo, from California, respects their surroundings and vows to keep it clean through their efforts. They are passionate about designing clothes, which will befriend the environment and not deteriorate it any further. The 2011 summer line is very stylish and will make environment lovers jump with joy. The collection is sustainable and will blend perfectly with modern times. Karen and Howard always felt a responsibility towards their surroundings and this love of theirs is evident from their designs.

The green factor

Karen Stewart and Howard Brown’s creative edge lead to this ingeniously sustainable line. It’s a fusion of ideas, which gave birth to exceptional and aesthetically appealing designs. All the clothes have been made from 100% organic materials. The eco-collection has been stirred up from an unnamed land, which is full of tea and oranges.

The fab factor

Normally, people don’t think once before bringing their collection to life. But, the designer duo made an effort to come up with a sustainable clothing line. Their outfits blend simplicity with style. Each outfit is made from 100% organic materials and is perfect for brunches and barbeques. They will sprinkle an eco-friendly aura and make the wearer stand out of the crowd. The collection is lightweight and when worn looks very elegant.

The ensemble

The Steward Brown Summer Collection 2011 ranks high on the eco-friendly level. The outfits have been made from organic materials and can be adorned for brunches and even barbeques. The affordable and lightweight clothes will craft an everlasting impression and make onlookers gawk in surprise. The collection includes Rio Tee, Bandage Reversible Skirt, Casablanca Twisted Tank, Capri Dark Tank and Tropic of Cowl skirt, to name a few. They can be mixed and matched for an unusual yet environmentally friendly look.