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Eco friendly textiles help you adorn your persona in a green way

by DrPrem Jagyasi

With recent rise in pollution across the globe, which has even started to affect our climate to some extent and has increased the temperature of our planet in the last few decades, it has become necessary to start using eco-friendly products in our day-to-day lives. So, starting from the basic needs, the need for eco-friendly clothes has increased considerably in the past few years. Although we are no stranger to eco-friendly textiles made out of organic cotton or hemp, but here is a collection of eco-friendly textiles manufactured from the materials that promise to be sustainable:


  • Lenpur

Ever wondered if there could be any kind of fabric that would be as comfortable as silk, as soft as cashmere and as light as linen? If so, then your answer is possibly the biodegradable fabric called Lenpur which is produced from the clippings of white pine tree. Besides being eco-friendly, Lenpur is also one of the most high quality fabrics that promise to provide you with utmost comfort. It is soft, has high absorption capacity, can release dampness and keeps you cooler or warmer depending on the climate.

  • Soy silk

A 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly fabric, soy silk is manufactured from wastes produced during the manufacturing process of tofu. It is still a lesser known eco-friendly fabric whose basic material is soy protein. The process of producing soy silk generally involves the liquefaction of soy protein which is then stretched into very long fibers and after which, it is processed to turn the fibers into knitting and weaving yarns. Moreover, because of its high protein content, soy fabric can be colored easily with natural dyes, which, therefore, removes the need for any synthetic dyes.


  • Seacell

This amazing natural fabric produced from seaweed (algae) and wood pulp can stimulate your metabolism and is laced with protective and anti-inflammatory properties. This extraordinary fabric will make you feel like you are wearing living clothes containing microscopic marine algae particles that also help you in regenerating your cellular functions.

  • Lyocell

Produced from wood pulp without using any chemicals, Lyocell is both biodegradable and recyclable. The manufacturing process of Lyocell involves only non-toxic solvents which results in very little byproduct and Lyocell can also be blended with other eco-friendly fabrics like Seacell, hemp etc.


  • Stingplus Nettle fabric

One of the most sustainable fabrics, Stingplus Nettle fabric can be the future of eco-friendly textiles. It is produced from stinging nettles that result in a naturally soft, strong and a fire retardant textile, which can also be blended with pure wool for creating a perfect and sustainable eco-friendly upholstery material. This fabric is also free from any kind of chemical dyes and is completely biodegradable. Moreover, because of its sustainable and environment-friendly properties, the creator of this fabric also received the 2008 Award for Sustainable Product Design.