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What’s next: Eco friendly water purifiers for a healthier world

Eco friendly water purifiers

In a situation where it is impossible to purify polluted water through various types of treatment facilities used to purify water, an easy, effective and portable water filtration device is used which needs no electricity for its operation. This device is called eco friendly water purifier. This device is used to purify water which has been drawn from the natural source like rivers, lakes, etc. so that healthy and safe drinking water can be provided to those who are away from their respective homes. This type of purifier doesn’t require external plumbing fixture rather it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and can be used at anytime. During emergency, eco friendly water purifier can act as a best alternative for healthy drinking water.

The best quality of these water purifiers is to provide drinking water which is fresh, clean and healthy whenever you are in need of it. These are 100% environmental friendly. These types of water purifiers conserve energy and save money. These are effective in reducing chlorine, viruses, lead, fungus, bacteria and so many other harmful and dreadful micro organisms and various chemicals as these water purifiers contain colloidal silver and activated carbon elements; hence, cleansing water and making it safe to drink. Plenty of studies have shown that long exposure to the tap water can be responsible for a number of health problems.

Let us see different kinds of eco friendly water purifiers.

1. Ovopur

The Ovopur

Ovopur is one of the kinds of eco friendly water purifiers. Its shape is just like an egg made of steel, i.e., steel egg. Aqua Crystal filter which is made up of activated carbon, zinc, copper and quartz is used in Ovopur purifier. It lasts for about four months and has a capacity to clear/purify 530 gallons of water approx. The oval dispenser is composed of non toxic parts, e.g., polypropylene, silicon and white lead-free glazed porcelain. It can be recycled also. This oval shaped dispenser can hold about 3 gallons of water at a time. The Ovopur can also be used as a simple water dispenser just like a tap by removing filter from it. Ovopur functions by using old method of sedimentation to get the clean water.

2. H2O water cycle

H2O Water Cycle

Another kind is H2O water cycle. It has been discovered by designer Deigo Andrez Martinez. The sole purpose of Andrez to design such a purifier was to remove toxic contaminants of water and to make it healthy and safe for the purpose of drinking. It covers two processes in the single package. The first process being called as Sodis. It is a sun powered process, i.e., sun plays an important role in carrying on this process. In other words, UV rays are used to remove pathogens. The second process produces steam by bringing the water to boil. All types of solid contaminants are removed from water during vaporization and finally activated carbon is used to remove odor from the water.

3. Shuddha


The third category of eco friendly filters is that of Shuddha, which is also called as self purifying water filter. In this kind water itself is used to purify water. This type of purifier is of Indian origin as Vedang Kulkarni and Aakanksha Rajans presented such a model in Incheon International Design Award. Shuddha converts hydro energy into electrical energy by using running water. A small turbine is attached to filter which starts moving when water falls on it. There are three types of filters in the purifier and water passes through all of them.

4. Acoustic filters

Acoustic filter

There is another kind namely acoustic filters. These filters are used in a number of devices such as noise control materials and mufflers. Accoustic filters travel in gases such as carbon monoxide and fiberglass. Accoustic filters are the latest development in hearing protection technology. These purifiers at different frequencies reduce noise by specific amount. These filters reduce external noise. Accoustic filter was designed by Jrenum, the Swiss sound specialist and this filter is being utilized by Minerva Hearing Protection range. It was established in order to create a hearing protector, which has both the qualities of effectiveness and comfortibility, a range of 11 filters is produced by Jrenum so that the level of noise can be reduced according to one’s requirements.

It is worthy to describe here that these eco friendly water purifiers require lesser maintenance than those of bottled water which is very expensive. These filters have been tested both by national and international water quality laboratories and they have certified that these eco friendly filters help to reduce water contaminants.