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Eco-friendly ways to battle with bed bug infestation

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Spraying toxic sprays to get rid of bed bugs in your home is no more a viable solution, as those chemical sprays tend to harm you and your family more than the bugs as they contaminate the air. Here are some natural, eco-friendly solutions you can use to get rid of bed bug infestation without risking your and your families’ health.

Bed Bug Monitor traps

Close up cimex hemipterus on corrugated recycle paper

If you are skeptical regarding the bed bug infestation in your home then you must lay a trap for bed bugs to clear your situation. The monitor traps use combinations of heat, carbon dioxide, and pheromones to attract bed bugs. The surface of the trap is adhesive, so as soon as the bugs come near this trap they are stuck in it. It is a tool of great help especially if you are in a not so good place and you do not want to carry bugs home.


woman warming near electric heater

Once you know the bed bug problem persists in your home, you can take required measures to get rid of the problem. If you reside in extremely cold weather conditions, it would be much easier for you to freeze bed bugs and their eggs to death. All you have to do is to leave your home for a few days so that it remains cold for some time and the bugs will automatically die. If you cannot leave your home then you should place pillows, toys, bedding in deep freeze for some time and see how all the bugs die.


Housework: young woman doing laundry

Extreme heat and cold are two conditions that bug hate because it kills them. You can destroy bed bugs in your pillows, duvets, and toys by washing them in very hot water in the washing machine for half an hour and then putting them in a dryer set on high heat. This is a sure shot method to get rid of bed bug infestation suitable for the winter months and not in other months because it is not an energy efficient method.

During summers you must go for and energy efficient method that is to give your stuff a solar heat treatment. You can put your bug infested belonging directly in sun but for a desired effect you should put them in a black plastic bag, which will attract majority of sunshine making the belongings too hot inside automatically killing bugs and their eggs. This procedure is so effective that it can help you get rid of bed bug infestation in a day itself but if you feel the problem is bigger then you had better soak your belongings in the sun for few more days.

Diatomaceous earth

furniture destroyed by bugs

DE is a scientifically validated and promoted bed bug control that even the pest control officials use over other chemical pest control options because it is known to control bed bugs without harming you in anyway. If the bugs infest your furniture and the cracks in your wooden floors, you should apply the DE dust thoroughly to all the cracks so that it reaches deep within all cracks and corners.

When DE meets the bed bugs, it dehydrates them making it impossible for them to survive any longer. Bugs have a waxy layer that serves them necessary moisture that is essential for their survival, DE dries up that wax and kills them.

Eco-friendly bed bug spray

Eco-friendly bed bug spray (2)

You get eco-friendly bed bug sprays that are very effective but not at all harmful. They consist of ingredients that are plant based, are biodegradable and EPA and FDA approved.

It is better to fight bed bug infestation using all natural and eco-friendly products and ways, which only harm bugs and not you.

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