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Eco-friendly ways to spend your day off – A simple list for beginners

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Going green with entertainment

New to caring about your environmental footprint? Looking for ways to spend your day off that do not involve fossil fuels, or consumption of products that traveled long distances to get to you?It may seem that all the things you liked to do before on your day off are now off-limits to the eco-conscious consumer. Not so! With a little awareness and some inventiveness, you can enjoy your weekend and feel good about your efforts toward a greener world.
Here are some clean ways to relax that are also earth friendly.

Buy local

Buy your veggies locally

Being an eco-conscious consumer is more about understanding where the goods you are buying come from. It isn’t only about shunning store-bought items entirely. Buying second-hand goods is great for the environment in that it cuts down on manufacturing demands. When you shop for food, look for local sellers. Go to farmer’s markets and buy fruits and vegetables and produce from within your neighborhood whenever possible. Look for foods that shorten the distance between yourself and where the produce was made. When you do this, that means less fossil fuels were used to get that food to your table.

Use your own shopping bag

In an alarming statistic to green consumers, scientists posit that it takes about 500 to 1000 years for plastic bags to decompose. Ever wonder about that island of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean? Much of that island consists of plastics that have not degraded. Terrible but true. However, there is one action you can take every day to help curb the astounding amount of plastic waste we go through. Bring your own cloth shopping bag when you go for your grocery run. Doing this will curb your personal consumption of plastic and you will no longer be contributing to excess plastic waste.

Going green with entertainment

Going green with entertainment

Instead of hours spent on Netflix, consider ways to get yourself outdoors and away from energy consuming appliances. Walk your dog. Go nature exploring with your kids. Host a garden party with your friends. Did you know cannabis is becoming popular in medical circles? Aside from its relaxation inducing benefits, cannabis has been shown to have many health benefits which make it a relaxing and healthy way to spend an afternoon. If you have a medical marijuana card, look up a dispensary near your area. Lists like this one show Marijuana dispensaries in Seattle and other states, and provide a quick means of locating a dispensary near you.

Walk, don’t drive

Committing to drive less is one of the largest ways you can lessen your environmental footprint. But this is easier to talk about in theory than to practice. However, when we examine the many benefits walking has on one’s health; it stands out on its own merit. Research has shown that walking can have the same mood-enhancing effects as a glass of wine or eating some chocolate. Feel down and want a quick pick me up? Try a walk to get out of that funk. Walking pushes endorphins throughout your system, giving you a dose of feel good chemicals. It goes further, too. It can help you stay slim and prevents or helps you manage various conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Explore your library

Prevent Deforestation

Wonder where to walk to? Why not explore your local library? Eco-Libris states that more than 30 million trees are cut down for the production and publication of books in the US alone. Trees are a valuable but diminishing resource across the globe. One way you can help is by curbing your book consumption. Your library has enough books to keep your reading addiction satisfied. Added bonus? You will no longer be racking up such a high book bill each month if you commit to regular library visits. Your wallet and the earth will thank you for it.

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